Labour’s first budget will end austerity in Scotland

ed-ballsLabour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls spoke in Glasgow today about why Labour is Scotland’s party of economic growth, social justice and fairness.


We meet here on day three of what is one set to be of the closest and most important general election campaigns we ever have faced. At the heart of this election is a big choice. And it is important we debate the choice we face, and start doing so now rather than wait until after polling day.

Nicola Sturgeon was absolutely right in her lecture in London a few weeks ago to demand that we are open about what the different economic and fiscal approaches of the different parties actually mean – I agree. That is, of course, why we have said we want the independent Office for Budget Responsibility to be allowed to audit the manifesto commitments of all the main political parties.

And in that spirit, I want to set out today why we believe both the Tory approach and the SNP approaches to fiscal policy and austerity would be bad for Scotland and the UK.

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Labour Hame and Wings Over Scotland – an announcement

Lip OFarolLabour Hame’s special correspondent Lip O’Foral has some exciting news.*


Labour Hame is delighted to reveal today that after months of discussions and negotiations, the long-planned merger between this site and the popular pro-independence blog Wings Over Scotland has been agreed.

Loyal readers of both sites have been clamouring for such a link up for a long time, citing the clear synergies between the two sites and the opportunities that a merger will bring. Advertisers have also been keen to exploit the opportunities that a combined Wings/Hame readership offers.

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Hell yes!

hellyesLabour Hame’s editor Duncan Hothersall says Scottish Labour can lift its head and kick off the election campaign with optimism and pride.


At the stroke of midnight this morning the 55th Parliament of the United Kingdom was dissolved under the terms of the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act 2011. There are no longer any MPs, only candidates for election. The “short campaign” has begun.

It’s no secret that Scottish Labour finds itself in the toughest UK election fight it has known for many decades. The polls are unyielding, the pressure is relentless. There is a serious risk that, despite the vast majority of Scots being united in their desire to kick the Tories out, we may just end up letting them back in.

So let me this morning offer an optimistic note to spur us on. Here are ten reasons why we should redouble our efforts to bring home a brilliant Scottish Labour result in May: Continue reading

#Lab7Scots challenge – 7 constituencies in 2 days

Labour’s three seats challenge – think three peaks but for target seats – is coming in a uniquely Scottish form to help beat back the SNP.

lab7scotsNext week, #Lab7Scots will visit Glasgow Central; West Dunbartonshire; Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch; Airdrie and Shotts; Edinburgh South; Edinburgh East and Glenrothes, all in just two days!

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Sturgeon must correct a fundamental untruth

kez new sunnyScottish Labour Deputy Leader Kezia Dugdale MSP has today taken the exceptional step of writing to the First Minister to ask her to correct what appears to have been a direct misleading of Parliament.


Dear First Minister,

Today at First Minister’s Questions I offered the opportunity to set the record straight on the figures behind the Scottish Government’s economic plan for full fiscal autonomy within the UK.

In particular, I put it to you that your Government’s analysis of what it would mean to lose the money we get from Barnett, still included the benefits of Barnett.

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Miliband: Only Labour will end Tory austerity

ed milLabour’s UK leader Ed Miliband spoke in Clydebank this morning and set out why a Labour government redistributing wealth across the UK is the only route out of Tory austerity.


It is great to be here in Clydebank, home of the shipbuilding industry that made Scotland strong, and home of the people who built our movement. And it is great to be here with Gemma Doyle and of course our brilliant and tireless Scottish Leader Jim Murphy.

We are just six and a half weeks from the general election. It is going to be one of the hardest fought election campaigns any of us have ever seen. But we are up for this fight.

Not a fight for ourselves but a fight for the people of Scotland. A fight for the values we believe in. A fight to change Scotland with a Labour government. And a fight to get rid of a rotten, unfair, discredited, Tory government.

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I am voting Labour because …

Scott_Nicholson_photo_400x400Scott Nicholson, Scottish Labour candidate for Perth and North Perthshire, gives his answer.


“Can you please speak for five minutes about yourself and your party.”

It is an interesting transition a parliamentary candidate makes from spending their time talking to party members at hustings about their personal beliefs, to speaking to members of the public at hustings about their party’s beliefs.

The first question the chair of the hustings asks is, “Can you please each speak for five minutes about yourself and your respective parties?”

My question is, in 2015, post-referendum Scotland, how should a Scottish Labour candidate answer?

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