Sarwar: public has lost trust in health board

Anas Sarwar MSP today told the Health Secretary the public has lost trust in the Glasgow health board following a series of further revelations about the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital infections scandal.

Jeane Freeman has answered a series of questions in Holyrood about the independent review and has promised a full update later this month.

Revelations which came to light during the festive break and were raised in Holyrood today included:

  • The Scottish Government was informed of the Stenotrophomonas case involving Milly Main in 2017. Milly later tragically died.
  • The health board failed to report Milly’s death to the procurator fiscal.
  • The health board has been issued with an improvement notice by the Health & Safety Executive in relation to the ventilation system at the QEUH.

Anas Sarwar, Labour MSP for Glasgow, said:

“In recent weeks, while Parliament has been in recess, a number of further revelations have emerged about the infections scandal at the QEUH. This has caused distress for families, and further eroded public trust.

It is particularly concerning that the hospital has been issued with an improvement notice in relation to the ventilation system and failing to protect high risk patients who are vulnerable to infections. There is a connection to this and the water supply.

People are still waiting for the truth to be told. Meanwhile, hospital managers remain in their roles, preventing the review from being fully independent. Parents, staff and the public don’t trust the board, so they are looking to the Health Secretary for urgent answers.”

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One thought on “Sarwar: public has lost trust in health board

  1. Professional health issues that occur in every hospital on the planet being blown out of perceptive proportion so a political football can be kicked about and a blame game played out. Hospitals everywhere are rife with infections people die because of it just as people sometimes die because they cross a road. The opposition in Scotland havent found a way to blame road deaths on the Scottish Government yet but I bet somebody is working on it.

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