SEC membership

Last updated 5 March 2019

NB: This page reflects the results of CLP section elections in February 2019, but may not accurately reflect the new makeup of the remainder of the SEC which is subject to nominations from affiliated bodies. The new CLP section members do not officially join the SEC until the end of Scottish Conference (10 March 2019).

Scottish General Secretary

  • Brian Roy


  • Richard Leonard MSP

Deputy Leader

  • Lesley Laird MP

CLPs [as elected in February 2019]

  • Johanna Baxter (West/Mid and Fife)
  • Cara Hilton (West/Mid and Fife)
  • Lina Nass (North East/H and I)
  • Marion Sporing (North East/H and I)
  • Scott Arthur (Lothians/South)
  • Ann Henderson (Lothians/South)
  • Suzan King (Glasgow/Central)
  • James Adams (Glasgow/Central)

Local government

  • Alison Evison
  • David Ross

European Parliament

  • David Martin MEP
  • [vacant]

UK Parliament

  • Lesley Laird MP
  • Ian Murray MP

Scottish Parliament

  • Mary Fee MSP
  • Mark Griffin MSP

Socialist/affiliated societies

  • Ian Miller (Scottish Co-op)
  • Shonagh Munro (Scottish Labour Students)


  • Cathy Peattie (CWU)
  • Cathy Murphy (GMB)
  • Drew Smith (GMB)
  • Maggie Cook (Unison)
  • Simon McFarlane (Unison)
  • Jackson Cullinane (Unite)
  • Siobhan McCready (Unite)
  • Jackie Martin (Usdaw)
  • Karen Whitefield (Usdaw)


  • Lorna Robertson
  • Monique McAdams


  • Catherine Vallis
  • Meg Whitelaw

Chair: Cathy Peattie

Vice chair: Cara Hilton

Treasurer: Ian Miller