Jim-Murphy_3093121bScottish Labour leader Jim Murphy MP marks 100 days until the general election.


In 100 days Scotland can help end Tory rule across the UK. The opinion polls show that this general election is neck and neck between Labour and the Tories. It looks like the closest election for decades and Scotland can decide whether David Cameron stays or goes.

Scotland is changing, and Scottish Labour is changing with it. It’s a fresh start for Scottish Labour and the path to a better nation runs through May 7th and getting the Tories out.

Only the biggest party after the general election can form a government. In the referendum whether you were Yes or whether you were No, most Scots know it’s time for the Tories to go.

Only Labour is big enough and strong enough to defeat David Cameron. Scotland can protest against the Tories by voting for any party but only Labour can replace them

A vote for the SNP risks five more years of the Tories, five more years of misery on our most vulnerable, and five more years of wasted opportunities for our young people.

A Labour government will change Scotland, and the whole UK, for the better. We will tax the bonuses of bankers in London to guarantee a job for every young person in Scotland. We will use a UK wide mansion tax on properties worth over £2 million to deliver better funding for our NHS

Labour believes those who can afford to pay a bit more to support our schools and hospitals should, that is why we would introduce a 50p top rate of tax on the highest earners.

We will make work pay, by increasing the minimum wage and banning exploitative zero hour contracts, and we’ll encourage more employers to pay better, with tax incentives to pay the living wage

In 100 days we can choose progress over protest by sending Scottish Labour MPs to help form a UK Labour government.

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2 thoughts on “100 days to end Tory rule

  1. The claim “Only the biggest party after the general election can form a government” is completely untrue. There is nothing to stop the party that comes second doing a deal with the party that comes third to form a government.

    The truth is that any SNP gain from Labour does not affect the likelihood of the Tories staying in power as Labour + SNP would be unaltered.

    By getting a Labour government dependent on SNP votes in parliament, Scotland indeed get the best of both worlds. It will get a labour government but the SNP will have power over that government to make sure it always works for Scotland’s interests.

    1. I think you’re wrong. The SNP have explicitly rules out a coalition agreement with Labour. In the event of a hung parliament they want a confidence and supply agreement with Labour governing as a minority. So if Labour win fewer seats than the Tories they simply don;t get to form a government.

      The reality is that a Labour + SNP majority government is not on the table. So if you want to stop the Tories, you need to maximise the number of Labour MPs.

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