30 Scottish Labour Parliamentarians back Kezia Dugdale

Almostkez new sunny three quarters of Scottish Labour’s Parliamentarians have thrown their support behind Kezia Dugdale’s campaign to be the next Leader of the Scottish Labour Party.


On the day that nominations officially open, Kezia Dugdale has received support for her leadership campaign from six more MSPs, joining Scottish Labour’s MEPs and MP, and securing the support of 73% of Scottish Labour’s elected members across three Parliaments.

Jackie Baillie MSP, Claire Baker MSP, Neil Bibby MSP, James Kelly MSP, Mary Fee MSP and Hanzala Malik MSP have announced their support for Ms Dugdale’s leadership campaign.

Ms Dugdale announced that her campaign will be co-Chaired by Neil Bibby MSP and Claire Baker MSP.

Kezia Dugdale’s campaign will be formally launched this Saturday, the 20th of June. Details to follow.

Campaign co-Chair Neil Bibby MSP said:

‘I am proud to join so many of my colleagues from across the labour movement in backing Kezia Dugdale to be the next leader of the Scottish Labour Party. It’s without question that Kezia is the future of Scottish Labour, with the skills to unite our party and make sure we’re ready for the challenges ahead.’

Declaring her support Campaign co-Chair, Claire Baker MSP said:

“The Scottish Labour party needs a leader who can win back the trust of the people of Scotland. We need to look to a new generation and have a single focus – securing a more equal and socially just Scotland. Kezia works day in and day out to achieve this and she is without doubt the person for the job.

Kezia Dugdale said:

“It’s an honour to have secured the support of 30 of Scottish Labour’s 41 parliamentarians on the day nominations open.

“We know politics in Scotland has changed fundamentally and the Scottish Labour Party have only one chance to get it right.

“But this Leadership election isn’t just about transforming Scottish Labour, it is about stepping up and regaining the trust of the people of Scotland.

“My campaign will be reaching out to people whose support Labour has lost, and those who’ve never voted for us before – because our values are as relevant today as they have ever been.

“Scottish Labour has been the insurgent force before, pushing back against the political establishment and winning great victories and profound social change. To win, we must adapt to new challenges and opportunites, and new barriers to progress. As Scottish Labour Leader that’s what I would work for every single day.”


Kezia Dugdale has received the support of six more MSPs:

Jackie Baillie MSP

Claire Baker MSP

Neil Bibby MSP

James Kelly MSP

Mary Fee MSP

Hanzala Malik MSP

They join the nominations of:

Ian Murray MP

David Martin MEP

Catherine Stihler MEP

Richard Baker MSP

Jayne Baxter MSP

Claudia Beamish MSP

Sarah Boyack MSP

Malcolm Chisholm MSP

Patricia Ferguson MSP

Neil Findlay MSP

Rhoda Grant MSP

Iain Gray MSP

Mark Griffin MSP

Cara Hilton MSP

Johann Lamont MSP

Lewis Macdonald MSP

Jenny Marra MSP

Paul Martin MSP

Elaine Murray MSP

Alex Rowley MSP

Richard Simpson MSP

Drew Smith MSP

Elaine Smith MSP

David Stewart MSP

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3 thoughts on “30 Scottish Labour Parliamentarians back Kezia Dugdale

  1. LMAO! Labour the gift that just keeps on giving! Fancy getting the leadership just in time to lose her seat!

    Like Bushisms we can start making a list of Dugdaleisms.

    I honestly think Dugdale is even worse than Murphy and that is truly saying something!

  2. Mike, given how effectively Ms Dugdale has used FMQ’s to shine a light on the SNP’s dubious record of government, and in doing so set the media agenda on the same, she appears to be an efficient and passionate operator, worthy of leadership.

    Given the nature and tone of your contributions here, your vitriol is no surprise.
    I can only conclude that Ms Dugdale is making all the right enemies. If you liked her, she wouldn’t be doing her job.

    And the Job of the opposition is to shine a light on government failings. As we have seen, the SNP has many of those.

  3. Didn’t most Scottish Labour Party members voted for Ken Macintosh a couple of internal elections back?

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