Jim-Murphy_3093121bScottish Labour leader Jim Murphy marks 50 days since his and Deputy Leader Kezia Dugdale’s election, and says Scottish Labour is changing Scotland.


Under the new leadership team – in just 50 days – Scottish Labour has changed. Now we want to change Scotland.

But with less than 100 days to go until the General Election in May, changing our party is not enough. We need to change Scotland.

The only guarantee of the change Scotland needs is to get rid of David Cameron, and elect a Labour government in May.

Only the Labour Party is big enough and strong enough across the whole of the UK to kick David Cameron out of Downing Street. A vote for any party other than Scottish Labour risks letting the Tories in the back door. That’s not what the majority of Scots want. Only by voting for Scottish Labour can we stop that happening.

Scottish Labour has:

  1. Announced funding for 1,000 extra NHS nurses through a Mansion Tax on homes across the UK worth more than £2 million
  2. Called for the SNP to back Labour’s £100m NHS Frontline Fund to allow hospitals facing extra pressure to have planned surgery at the weekends and diagnostics in the evening.
  3. Announced a Scottish Labour Government would introduce a triple-lock system to stop fracking in Scotland.
  4. Spearheaded urgent action to support jobs and investment in the North Sea oil industry at a time of crisis.
  5. Called for the SNP to back Labour’s plan for a resilience fund to be used in times of crisis for some of Scotland’s crucial industries and to deal with the consequences of large scale redundancies on local economies.
  6. Forced the SNP to scrap the women’s super-prison in Inverclyde.
  7. Called for the implementation in full of the recommendations of the Angiolini report on women’s offending.
  8. Proposed a change to the Scottish Labour constitution with a commitment to a patriotic,powerful and permanent Scottish Parliament.
  9. Called for a People’s ScotRail – a public sector bid to run Scotland’s railways
  10. Announced that a Scottish Labour Government would have a renewed and unrelenting focus on the 20 schools in Scotland that the SNP Government in Edinburgh is failing.
  11. Demanded an apology for the 12,000 people who had not been treated within the legal waiting time limit of 12 weeks under the Scottish Government’s Treatment Time Guarantee.
  12. Taken Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet on the road to talk to the people of Scotland.
  13. Hired twenty new organisers to lead our campaign to win May’s general election.
  14. Called for City Deals for all of Scotland’s cities
  15. Called for the immediate devolution of the Work Programme to Local Authorities to get Scots into work.
  16. Called for a long term solution to student support budget shortfalls in Scotland’s colleges.
  17. Demanded the Scottish Government set up a Scottish Office for Budget Responsibility.
  18. Successfully called on the Scottish Government to double the number of MND specialist nurses.
  19. Released a living wage plan to deliver a pay rise for half a million Scots
  20. Successfully arranged an Oil Summit involving the Scottish Government, UK Government, local authorities and trades unions to support jobs in the North East
  21. Promised a local referendum before any fracking can take place in our local communities.
  22. Announced Scottish Labour would stop the spread of Fixed Odd Betting Terminals using new Smith powers.
  23. Committed Labour to introducing a Home Rule Bill within 100 days of winning the General Election.
  24. Supported Knighthoods for football legends Billy McNeil and John Greig.
  25. Urged broadcasters to show all Scottish national football games on television.
  26. Promised to raise educational attainment for all.
  27. Announced Scottish Labour would double the number of teaching assistants in the primary schools that are associated with the secondary schools which the SNP Government in Edinburgh has failed.
  28. Introduced £1 membership of the Scottish Labour Party.
  29. Urged the Scottish Government to support DevoMax within Scotland.
  30. Launched MyFuture Scotland initiative – letting Scotland’s young people shape the future of the Scottish Labour Party.
  31. Called for a cap on household energy bills to tackle the cost of living crisis.
  32. Urged the Scottish Government to reinstate university research funding
  33. Announced a gender balanced Shadow Cabinet and committed to at least 50% of a future Scottish Labour cabinet being women.
  34. Called for the repeal of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.
  35. Called for an inquiry into V&A overspend in Dundee.
  36. Supported an opt-out system for organ donations
  37. Voted for an energy regulator with the power to cut energy bills.
  38. Supported the continuation of Barnett Formula against SNP opposition.
  39. Reached out to Yes voters, targeting the 190,381 voters who backed Labour at the 2010 UK election but then voted Yes in the independence referendum.
  40. Criticised the SNP Government in Edinburgh for an underspend of £444 million.
  41. Called for urgent action from the SNP Government for our NHS as a new report shows the Scottish NHS is performing worse than the English NHS.
  42. Backed the Job Creation (Scotland) Bill for the immediate devolution of job creating powers to Scotland.
  43. Delivered on the Vow.
  44. Launched “Skills Match” ensuring the skills of every Scottish Labour Party member are used.
  45. Called for greater priority to be given to mental health research after new figures show a huge drop in research funding under the SNP Government.
  46. Called for Dundee City Council to work with the Scottish Government to bring a share of the £30 billion oil industry decommissioning jobs to Dundee.
  47. Demanded the weekly publication of A&E statistics, as happens in England.
  48. Supported a 50p top rate of tax using the new powers being delivered through the Smith Commission.
  49. Called for our Scottish NHS to be exempted from TTIP, to block US private healthcare in Scotland
  50. Irritated Boris Johnson.

In other news, AG Barr, makers of Irn Bru, have seen a 5% increase in profits over the winter period.

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One thought on “50 days of change

  1. 1. Promised 1000 more nurses than any number the SNP promise to deliver. An impossible pledge to deliver. But worse Kezia Dugdale challenged the SNP to match this pledge and in doing so asked them to deliver 1000 more nurses than any number they pledge to deliver. Nurses infinity. Does Labour honestly think the Scottish electorate is this stupid and gullible? Was it the No vote that gave you that impression?
    2. A nice gesture on paper but no detail about where the 100 million would come from. Making pledges to pay extra funding to anything while promoting the continued denial of full fiscal potential is once again blatant empty gesturing. Making pledges with no intent to actually deliver.
    3.A pledge Labour in Scotland don’t have the authority to make without consent from the Labour leadership in London who have already expressed their own support for fracking across the UK.
    4.No Government in the UK can force any Private company to employ personnel. The fluctuating nature of the North Sea Oil sector has companies employing mostly contracting personnel whenever the value of Oil enables the profits to pay for the projects which expand NS oil extraction. These contractors are released from contract when the budget doesn’t allow for the continuation of the projects. There is no North Sea Oil crises. The price of Oil is the same as it was in 2009 and nobody declared a crises then.
    5.A total farce as the SNP has already proposed setting up an Oil fund which can only be achieved if NS oil and gas revenue is devolved to Scotland. Something Labour doesn’t support.
    6. Forced how exactly?
    7. And?
    8. Did you get agreement from the Conservatives and Lib Dems?
    9.So why did Labour support the privatisation of the Post Office?
    10. Meaningless rhetoric.
    11. Meaningless rhetoric how about apologising for taking us to war illegally? or Cash for honours? or Cash for questions? or expense scandals? or illegal arms deal to despots? or the continuation of privatisation after John Major?
    12. No not talk to them Talk AT them. Try listening for a change.
    13. Not in Scotland you didn’t. You had to recruit from down South because you don’t have the support in Scotland.
    14. Called who?
    15.Called who?
    16.Called who?
    17.Labour said the OBR in England is George Osbornes personal propaganda department.
    18.What does that even mean? Are you trying to pretend the Scottish Government listens to the Labour opposition? Seriously? Who do you expect to believe that?
    19.Why didn’t you do this when you were in power within both Parliaments?
    20.No you didn’t.
    21.Pointless. Labour in Scotland cannot make decisions on fracking separate from its Head Office in London and they have decided to support fracking across the whole of the UK. Empty rhetoric.
    22.Woopee do.
    23.A bare faced lie. Labour have no intention of ever delivering anything like Home Rule to Scotland.
    24.Cash for honour?
    25.And can you guarantee they will listen or care?
    26.But only if we pay £9000 per term for it.
    27.And you will get them from the teacher growing tree?
    28.Still too much.
    29.You supported keeping Devo Max off the ballot paper. Labour version of Devo Max falls far short of the acceptable recognisable version of what Devo Max actually is.
    30.Another pointless gesture.
    31.But the SNP called for the reduction of energy bills so you fell far short.
    32.Research funding is granted to research on merit. Another worthless pointless political gesture with no meaning at all.
    33.So still not recruiting on the value of talent then?
    34.Oh good cant wait for the first child to be glassed at a football match.
    35 Another pointless inquiry which we will have to pay for.
    37.Why not support the nationalisation of the energy industry so you can cut them yourself if folk vote for you?
    38.Supported it how? Does Labour not support the proportional reduction of the Barnett consequential with the introduction of new tax raising powers in Scotland?
    39.Reaching out by offering nothing but more austerity Neo Conservative Government in perpetuity and a chance to go to war in Syria. Gee thanks.
    40. Should have congratulated them for prudent spending instead.
    41. Should have rubbished the bullshit report instead.
    42.What job creating powers exactly?
    43. No not even close.
    44. I seriously doubt anybody will notice.
    45.Again research is funded on merit and result.
    46. I thought you said further up the page that Jobs were being lost in the North Sea sector?
    47.Why? A&E in England is funded by PFI and PPP there can be no meaningful comparison’s made.
    48. You removed the 10p rate of tax and increased council tax exponentially relative to inflation so another meaningless gesture.
    49.Called who? If Labour gain control of both Parliaments youd be calling yourself are you telling us UK Labour will oppose TTIP?
    50. I bet he didn’t even notice.

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