Barrie Cunning says the next Scottish Labour leader must complete Kezia Dugdale’s task of turning us into a party of government by 2021.


The 2017 general election result illustrated that the populism of the SNP is in decline as the nationalist rhetoric of a better Scotland separating from the United Kingdom has taken it’s toll on the Scottish electorate and once again the people of Scotland are more interested in progressive policy as opposed to perpetual nationalist propaganda.

Kezia Dugdale took on one of the toughest jobs in UK politics, the Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. The country had just been through an intense and divisive referendum and in turn a devastating Westminster election and local election result which was overshadowed by the constitutional question.

In my opinion Kezia led the party with dignity, respect and conviction and I for one believe that has to be respected as it wasn’t for the faint hearted.

The question of independence will always be a factor in Scottish politics, but the political narrative in Scotland is starting to move away from the constitutional question to one based on policy, in other words bread and butter issues that affect the lives of the people of Scotland. This is where our future strength lies, as I believe the next Westminster and Scottish Parliament elections will be fought on policy and not the constitution. That said, if the Brexit negotiations result in a hard Brexit the SNP will use that as justification for a second referendum.

The next leader of the Scottish Labour Party will face the same intense scrutiny as did Kezia Dugdale and there will be a high level of expectation that the new leader will be able to turn the Scottish Labour Party into a party ready for government by 2021.

Any candidate that puts themselves forward will have to demonstrate to the membership of the party that they are capable of achieving this and how they will do it. It can’t be based on soundbites or a prolonged reference to what the Labour Party has achieved in the past. We have done a lot, and I’m proud of what our movement has achieved, but that was in the past and it’s about going forward.

For me the candidate that I would be supporting is the candidate that talks about having a solid message that resonates well with the Scottish people, a message that people understand and know what Scottish Labour stands for and in turn reconnecting with the people of Scotland.

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16 thoughts on “A party of government by 2021

  1. So we are confronted by the empty nationalistic bluster of Labour and Tory claims of a better U.K by separating from the EU. Aye, right.
    There obviously is a need for Labour to come up with costed policies: as opposed to the endless “use the powers” bullshit: which I estimate would have raised Scottish income tax levels by at least 10%. Even here we are confronted by Labour claims hat only people earning over £80,000 will be taxed extra, and Scottish Labour with an entirely different policy.
    And the same across the board. Trident, immigration, Nationalise industry, Holyrood powers and sovereignty.
    There is a total lack of either coherance or principle in Labour. People carp about the SNP as a government. But they are faced with daily choices on spending and priorities.
    There is little to suggest in the conduct of the Welsh government, or Corbyns honesty, or Scottish Labours endless waffle, that Labour are a party of government “in waiting”.

      1. You bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “Distance lends enchantment.”

  2. I have decided to do what our FM keeps banging on about .
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    1. No idea what your on about here. I get the impression the FM mentioned an STV anniversary and you’ve decided to lampoon her on the back of it. I can’t think why.

      And I have heard of the celebs of yesteryear you appear to mock. They were of their time and, unsurprisingly, a retrospective on a TV channel is likely to mention them. I’m struggling to see why you have a problem with this.

      1. Thanks for your comment Bungo . I was not mocking it was very much tongue in cheek. I was having a laugh . The day after the programme I phoned STV to congratulate them. I suggested they put on variety shows like the ones they featured in the documentary .
        I told them maybe STV 2 I would watch it.
        It started when I asked if anyone had seen it some had . It was when I asked about Francie and Josie and got met with blank looks and one person only vaguely remembering Rikki Fulton I decided to do it .It was only a matter of whose blog I ruined and if Duncan would print it .
        The blog I picked just happened to be first on the page. That was it . I remember my Gran singing I belong to Glasgow. So I looked it up was surprized to find out about the Temperence movement. Was only having a laugh not mocking

  3. “For me the candidate that I would be supporting is the candidate that talks about having a solid message that resonates well with the Scottish people, a message that people understand and know what Scottish Labour stands for and in turn reconnecting with the people of Scotland.”

    Well, unless we’re going to build the next leader out of Lego it’s going to have to be one of the existing pool of MSPs or MPs. So which one best fits your criteria?

  4. While the SNP openly support the idea of helping Corbyn beat the Tories into number 10 Labour in Scotland prefer to help Ruth Davidson gain seats from the SNP.
    So if Labour want power in Westminster then Labour in England and Wales should support the SNP in Scotland by working against Labour in Scotland and the Tories.
    That’s the sad sick reality of Scottish politics today.

  5. I decided today I last attempt to educate folks about Francie and Josey. As our FM keeps banging on about it.
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    I asked our FMS daddy Robin yes he had heard of Francie and Josie. Oh his daughter our FM would have been ecstatic if she had known.
    So dear friends on that happy note I ended my mission to educate the local population.
    Not to sure what the next Labour Leader will think of one of his or her party members speaking to Nicolas dad . Who cares job done.
    I did these two comments for a laugh hope you have enjoyed them.
    Never fear next comments back to SNP bashing. The poor souls their party is skint like me.
    Can I ask you all to read Susan McNamara who has blogged about Down Syndrom

  6. Has it ocurred to you yet, Barrie ask why, labour is looking for its fifth leader in six years?

  7. Labour in Scotland is hoping for a resurgence in prominence by trying to make Ruth Davidson the First Minister.
    You kind of get why Labour in Scotland have all the appeal of a Donald Trump tour to a Home for abused women.

  8. I think you can do better than that last comment . Being abused physically or emotionally is no joke .
    I know about emotional abuse

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