Boyack: No clear plan from SNP on council tax freeze

As Parliamentary responses from the Scottish Government regarding the future of the Council Tax freeze in Scotland show there is no clear plan Scottish Labour’s Local Government spokeswoman Sarah Boyack said:

Sarah Boyack MSP” Within the last ten days we have had leading academics tell us that a rise in Council tax would help pay for welfare reform and Unison calling for an end to the freeze as it disadvantages poorer households. Yet the Scottish Government are still wedded to a manifesto commitment which is not fit for the economy Scots are living in.

“The SNP are holding our struggling local authorities to ransom with no clear way forward other than a vague suggestion that they will consult on a so called ‘fairer’ local tax at some point in the next three years. Meanwhile local authorities are left to support households who will be affected by major changes to the welfare system without any additional means to do so.

“I would encourage the Minister to spend time speaking to our councils and Cosla on this issue before blindly making a further commitment to a freeze which is just not working for the people they claim to be helping.”

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One thought on “Boyack: No clear plan from SNP on council tax freeze

  1. So Sarah, where exactly do you expect people to find the extra money to pay for your Council Tax increases? Prices are going up, fuel and energy bills are going up. Yet wages are stagnant at best. What part of that do you not get!

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