Richard Rawles analyses Labour’s various positions on Brexit, and ponders what could happen if the UK leadership – as it surely should – actually follows the wishes of the party membership as expressed at conference.


There is something of “Comical Ali” in the proclamations of Sunday’s deal in Brussels. Papers are signed, group photographs taken, speeches delivered — but everybody knows that the deal born yesterday is already dead.

It seems that large numbers of Tories will vote against it because it is not radically separatist enough; a smaller number for the opposite reason, because they realise that Brexit is a terrible idea and this deal likewise. The Lib Dems will (mostly) vote against because they are opposed to Brexit and the same is true of the SNP and Plaid Cymru. The DUP will vote against because it treats Northern Ireland slightly differently from the rest of the UK with regard to trading arrangements, which is unacceptable to them (whereas treating NI totally differently from the rest of the UK with regard to women’s rights over their bodies and the equal treatment of LGBT people is what they consistently demand).

And Labour MPs will also vote against. Why? Some because they want to destroy May’s government and think this might be a way to achieve this; some because they are opposed to Brexit in any case; some, presumably, because they believe that Jeremy Corbyn and/or Keir Starmer have an alternative plan with a reasonable chance of success (but what?). Kate Hoey, it seems, will vote against because the deal is not sufficiently damaging to peace in Ireland.

So, barring miracles, the deal will fail in Parliament. Then what will happen? Perhaps May will be sent back and try again, and come back with a superficially different deal; perhaps Parliament will fold out of fear of “no deal”; perhaps there will be a general election; perhaps there will be, for want of any alternative, a second referendum.

I would like to see a second referendum, have campaigned for one, and will continue to do so. I think public opinion is moving away from Brexit as its realities become more apparent and the deceitful fantasies of the Brexiters likewise. I also think that here in Scotland if there were a vote in Parliament on a second referendum and it failed due to lack of support from Labour the impact on Scottish Labour might be catastrophic. (How many of our Scottish MPs would be returned in a subsequent general election? Two? Three?)

The prospect of a second referendum seems to have attracted most attention at UK Labour’s recent conference, but it clearly went down like a cup of cold sick with Jeremy Corbyn and those close to him. John McDonnell tried to torpedo the idea before it was even passed by suggesting that it would not involve an option to remain. The leader suggested to a German magazine and to Channel 4 News that stopping Brexit was not an option. Diane Abbott, who had previously suggested in letters to constituents and others (myself included) that voters should get some kind of choice on the deal (Owen Smith was sacked for saying as much in public), has come out to pour cold water on the idea.

What are the alternatives? Is it possible, either via a general election or via a temporary ad hoc parliamentary coalition, for Labour to make an alternative deal? Let us suppose that it is possible (this is a thought experiment — it may be possible, but I think it is unlikely). What would Labour try to achieve?

So far, naturally enough (Labour is in opposition), Labour’s proposals have been less scrutinised than those of the government. There has been talk of “a” customs union, but one where perhaps the UK would still be able to make independent trade deals (doesn’t this mean “not a customs union”?), or perhaps simply would find a way to be in the room when the EU makes them. There has been talk of escaping state aid rules (and this was a reason why Labour MPs were whipped not to vote to remain in the single market) — is this consistent with our six tests, which ask for the “exact same benefits” of single market and customs union membership? I don’t think it is, but the proof of the pudding would be, I suppose, in the eating, and even if we could get an Article 50 extension for negotiation we probably do not have much time.

Less attention was paid to a different part of Labour’s conference motion on Brexit. “Conference believes we need a relationship with the EU that guarantees full participation in the Single Market.”

“Full participation”. What does this mean? Not, presumably, partial participation. Full participation. If taken seriously (and should conference motions not be taken seriously, in a democratic party?), this means quite a lot. Full participation in the single market means freedom of movement (we are not fully participating in the single market if everybody in the whole of the EU has the same right to apply for work in Paris or Florence or Rotterdam on a basis of equality, but where it is legal to discriminate against a British applicant — this is what freedom of movement is about, an integral part of the single market, not a price to be paid for access to it). It means continued full access to the whole EU market for our crucial services sector (vulnerable under May’s proposed deal), so important in cities like London, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. It might well protect important economic and cultural benefits like university funding and ERASMUS. It would mean that we would have to continue to follow state aid rules, as we have in the past (and as we did in our 2017 manifesto).

This was presumably acceptable to Keir Starmer, since he seems to have been happy with the compositing meeting that, over several hours, came up with the wording of the motion (where he was a participant). I cannot imagine that Jeremy Corbyn was particularly happy about it; Labour MPs had previously been whipped not to vote in favour of single market membership (even though this might reasonably have been thought of as the only way to achieve our six tests). Labour has seemed very reluctant to campaign for the benefits of freedom of movement. And left voices have expressed much dissatisfaction with the state aid rules, which might constrain some kinds of nationalisation policies for a future Labour government.

Compared with our present situation as a member state, the UK would cede considerable sovereignty to the EU. The single market rules we followed would be generated in meetings where we were not in the room. But this is now the policy of the Labour Party. So would the leadership act accordingly? If this happened, and if Labour were successful, Jeremy Corbyn might yet end up in a strange place. The man who saved Brexit, but also the man who neutralised much of its impact. Perhaps even the saviour of the establishment. Is this a role he wants to play?

I am somehow reminded of Mrs Thatcher’s two greatest (in my view) achievements, in a career so generally destructive: the Anglo-Irish agreement, which she is said to have come to dislike; and her contributions to the EU project, which she came to hate, including, to a large extent, the single market.

The Corbyn project is often said to be about the Bennite principle of a member-led party democracy. Would party democracy lead so far?

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55 thoughts on “Brexit: Corbyn to the rescue?

  1. The best possible outcome to the mess we find ourselves in is a General Election and a brexit deal under a Corbyn-led Labour government that protects the interests of working people. The worst possible outcome is brexit under Johnson-led Tory government which would lead to some morbid version of neoliberalism wrapped in the Union Jack. Referenda are never a good way of conducting politics, especially for something as complex and nuanced as this and my feeling is a second referendum could just as easily bring about the worst possible outcome. The priority must be to vote May’s deal down and force a General Election to get the Tories out of government before they do any more damage.

  2. Westminster because of Brexit has ceased to function The Northern Ireland Assembly is permanently not in session The Welsh Assembly and Scottish Government are now the only functioning Governing institutions in Britain so its now or never for Indy 2

    1. David l agree l think Nicola and Jeremy should team up and stitch up the Tories at the next general election. I am impressed that Jeremy has put the lid on his MPs giving it the SNP bad line and instead he knows who the real enemy is the Tories so well done Jeremy.

        1. Gordon thanks for your comment, l would recommend having a look at One Million Years is a 1966 British adventure fantasy movie starring Raquel Welch. The movie has lots of dinosaurs you might notice that over a period of time they disappeared through extinction. This is what is happening unfortunately with Scottish Labour but there is some good news it’s not all of Scottish Labour it’s only the SNP bad diehards, there is a group of Scottish Labour who are progressive and open to working with SNP to get rid of the Tories so l hope you can take some comfort from that so roll on happy days.

    2. Did you say the Scottish Government is functioning, are you a comedian, Indy ref 2 as you called is a complete non starter, no deals with the proto fascist ( cult of the leader) SNP, ever.

      1. I take it, Gordon, that you are just a bit fed-up and in a state of boredom are trying to get a rise out of people. I can think of no other (charitable) reason for making such a public laughing stock of yourself.

      2. You were a better centre back than you are political analyst, and you were a poor centre back.

  3. Gordon Thank you for your comment
    I am a labour party member I will take a General election tonight and if we have to rely on SNP MPS votes to get it iwill.and if following it Labour are the biggest party and need SNP votes on the same basis as the DUP Tory deal I say do that as well .
    In Scotland we need to ask why are we 3rd I don’t want 2nd I want government at Holyrood I am not suggesting any Westminster deal unofficial or not at Holyrood it would not work but why cant we say during budget negotiations we will help to get the budget through here is the price ie establish the investment bank and we want local government properly funded if we do it we can say no more Lab bad just think what we could do if we were in power If they knock us back we then say we offered .
    Yes because of Brexit I am prepared to vote for Indy and the FM is saying wont make her mind up until the new year will her own people let her wait much longer .
    The Northern Ireland assembly does not sit Westminster appears to be paralized by Brexit The Welsh Assembly is Functioning in Cardiff .And although I don’t like the party In power at Holyrood we are being governed .
    And todays Times PM May is coming under pressure to announce her departure date to to gain Tory MPS support for the Brexit deal
    I want Labour in power if doing Westminster deals gets us in do it with Labour in power my vote on Indy would be remain if not I will vote to go .
    I do not want the Tories in power and I do not want the NHS privatized I want power railways etc protected and brought into public ownership .
    Those are my thoughts and mine only not the party

  4. And a tv debate PM FM Jeremy all the other party leaders in a studio and the PM now on a save my deal and me tour and Donald Trump saying PMS Brexit deal means mabey no USA trade deal And Boris saying no point in TV debate unless Brexit supporter on panel .DUP saying no point in coming to NI but would consider it if as John Crick said more bribe money appeared and all that’s before the PM arrives in Scotland Wed for her save my deal and job tour folks what could possibly go wrong put the telly on tomorrow and watch haha

  5. To be serious CH4 news 100 migrants have been rescued this month in the channel trying to get to the UK from Iran and this morning immigrants from Iraq near Dover we need to pay attention to this before we have a disaster

  6. Theresa May has lost the plot yesterday her minister’s invited Labour MPs to meet to try to get them to vote for her stinker of a deal under the pretext of its in the national interest and at the same time seeks to debate the deal with Jeremy Corbyn in which she will be attacking Jeremy and the Labour Party UK position, if that is not a contradiction then l will become a dual member of the Labour Party UK and the SNP.

  7. I am in a bit of a quandary l sometimes feel like metaphorically speaking am on a rack and l am being pulled in both directions for the following reasons. 1. l support an lndependent Scotland and l see the means to getting lndependence through the SNP 2. l like some of Labour Party UK policies and because it does not support an Independent Scotland l cannot join it. So l have no alternative meantime to classify myself as a supporter of an lndependent Scottish Labour Party in an Independent Scotland.

  8. As most people have noticed, I am a Labour Party loyalist. However, we are now beginning to get mixed messages from Jeremy and John. Jeremy is sticking to his mantra of General Election, while John is now canvassing the possibility of a Second Referendum. While my ultimate goal is a Labour Government, we may need to pursue a second referendum first. I believe there could be a majority in Westminster for that. Our leadership need to clarify their position and return to speaking with one voice on this

    1. Jim I agree its my view only but we need to sharpen our act up .
      Keep discipline and the party in the loop .
      The members are desperate for an Election as you know I think Brexit is a disaster if we can get a second EU vote great
      But I think its absolutely essential Scotland at least stays in the EU

  9. Jim l don’t disagree it’s the same old story the finishing line is in sight so why the mixed messages from the leadership it’s as if they are deliberately trying to sabotage themselves. I would recommend that whoever is in charge of Labour Party UK media sends out a crib sheet for all the MPs and tell them that when they are dealing with mainstream media TV, Radio, Newspapers interviews etc that they should go into robot mode and stick to the script. On another note as an lndependent Scottish Labour Party supporter in an Independent Scotland it’s sad to see Scottish Labour attack the Scottish Government for austerity when its mitigating the austerity cuts coming from the Tories at Westminster and considering that the Labour Party UK did not vote against the Welfare bill it’s a bit of a cheek for Scottish Labour to try to deflect the blame for its Labour Party UK supporting the Tories Welfare bill.

  10. The Labour Leader of North Ayrshire Council has told our local paper this
    More than 80 per cent of North Ayrshire council tenants on Universal Credit are in rent arears .
    He has said its a tragedy and Universal Credit is pushing families into debt which could lead to a sharp rise in poverty and anxiety since April 1st 2018 .Universal Credit rent arrears have increased by 356 thousand 433 pounds .
    The first full year of Universal Credit full service has resulted in rent arrears debt in North Ayrshire Council Tenancies of 729thousand 457 pounds .
    82 per cent of our council tenants in receipt of Universal Credit are in rent arrears .
    The council leader said its a damming indictment of the Tories flagship welfare policy
    He said North Ayrshire Labour warned that Universal Credit would do this to vulnerable tenants Universal Credit is broken its pushing families into debt
    He says the Toriesrefuse to publish their impact assessment papers but they cannot be allowed to ignore the evidence
    Universal Credit is a tragedy of their making it was a political decision to introduce it .
    We need a general election as soon as possible and a Labour Government to end Austerity I totally agree .
    After reading this in the paper from a Council Leader who is very hands on and knows what is happening in his Council area .Can anyone find fault with what he says about the impact of Universal Credit in our area .
    And I would particularly like to hear from anyone who has a good thing to say about Universal Credit .

  11. In fact I would like to hear from anyone who thinks Universal Credit has been a good thing anywhere in Scotland and why .

      1. Thank you for your comment and clip Ted I agree a damming indictment of Universal Credit .And on RT to.

  12. I am so happy today an acquaintance of mines dear old Tristan has said that he now supports an lndependent Scotland because of Brexit. I have totted up my list of supporters for an lndependent Scottish Labour Party in an Independent Scotland and Tristan is number 12.

  13. If its the Tristan I used to see in Irvine Library say hello from me if its not hello anyway

    1. David sorry it’s another Tristan from Edinburgh anyway l will pass on your hello, l am surprised there’s a Tristan in Irvine it must be Tristan friendly town, I’ll let Edinburgh Tristan know and he might go on a sojourn and take in the sights and sounds and enjoy the seaside at lovely Irvine.

      1. Thank you for your comment Ted
        I will let Irvine Tristan know he has a long lost cousin in Edinburgh next time I see him haha

  14. Read this in todays Thursdays National p14 headline Council Tax take rises after Government cut .
    It says Scottish council taxpayers were charged an extra 189million last year to reduce the impact of cuts to local government Funding was 220 million lower in real terms in 2017 -18 than the previous year .
    According to Audit Scotland
    The National says every Scottish Council raised Council Tax the majority by the maximum 3 per cent pulling in 49million .
    Increased for bands E to H and removal of 2nd home discounts raised 140 million but benefitted councils with a higher proportion of higher banded properties .
    Councils should prepare to make further cuts the report says the forecast trend is for further reductions in Funding from the Scottish Government in the medium term .
    Pressure therefore remains on councils to make further savings to meet service demand more efficiently and effectively
    The report says after Brexit the impact of EU withdrawal is not yet clear but councils need to identify the risks and develop contingency plans to manage these risks
    A total of 18 councils ended 2017-18 with lower levels of usable reserves than they had at the start of the year an overall fall of 18 million .
    The reason I printed most of the report is because the National supports Scottish Independence it carried replies from James Kelly MSP Labour and Alexander Stewart MSP Tory but nothing from the Scottish Government .
    Which I would like to have seen

  15. All so in the National the Stushie about the National not getting a lookin at the PMS save my deal save my job 2 hr visit to Scotland ie Glasgow .
    A daft ban and condemned by politicians of all parties and the union I knew that Alec Salmond had banned some Journalists from his 2014 resignation speech but until today when I read the National I did not know it was 3 papers
    The Telegraph the Daily Mail and Daily Express which was brought back up in the paper along with Trump banning CNN .

  16. Ok hows this not the National todays Times .
    Alec Neil SNP MSP told them p9 Nicolas preferred Brexit plan of a second EU ref is a substantial barrier to Independence he voted to leave and said another vote on remaining in the EU is undemocratic and economic forecasts by the Scottish Government and Treasury are nonsense he rejects the Analysis that Scots would be 1600 pounds a year worse off he says the figures don’t take into account the opportunities that arise from Brexit if we get a decent deal they are scaremongering .
    He does say the Norway deal would be a compromise that would have all party support .
    Nicola will be not be happy with him and Alec Salmond would I think not have stood for that .

  17. Spoke to my cousin in Yorkshire a month ago by phone she was worried sick about maybe having to go onto universal credit .She has heard that many scare stories .She is afraid if there is a delay in receiving a payment she may lose her home .
    After speaking to Jim O Neill I got back in touch and told her if problems arise get in touch with her MP and Citizens Advice .
    Tonight I phoned her see how she is .Very down still worried about maybe going onto UC . CAB told her she will
    and told her in Yorkshire 5 week delay in payment is on the good side .They are currently advising her on what to do if this happens so she can keep a roof over her head .
    She is the same age as me 63 she has told CAB she is worried her landlord will evict her if she gets into rent arrears .
    Another problem she has told Cab about is eye strain when using a computer as you have to do to prove you are looking for work
    She has had a small operation on her eye NHS have told her she will be health wise unable to do that .
    She was very down tonight
    Her Mum and Dad went through the Thatcher years trying to keep a roof over the Families head and a job But she told me Universal Credit is worse .
    Trying to lift her spirts we spoke about the 80s Giro money Burroo money every 2nd week signing on and the first thing you see down the job centre now is a security officer we had a laugh when I said that’s in case someone gets a job .
    Also the computers are a huge problem for some people who only have basic skills and she has now been told she is medically unfit to use the screen because of eye strain .
    I have advised her to work with Cab and speak to her local job club they would help with computers etc .
    She told me UC is a massive problem in Yorkshire so she knows its just not her .
    I told her its just as bad here in Scotland .
    She then said its the rumours and stories she has heard from TV and friends and the strain of not knowing if she can keep her home if as looks likely she will have to go onto UC and because of any delay in payments goes into rent arrears .
    I told her to speak to her sister and brothers and above all keep in touch with CAB and her MP .
    She says herself its only a maybe at the minute
    Then she asked why has the Government done this to people who have worked all their lives .
    This is the reality of even the fear of Universal Credit

    1. David l have heard rumours that folks currently claiming benifits could be transferred across to Universal Credit automatically l think it was suggested at a parliamentary scrutiny committee. Meanwhile I think
      if your cousin ever has to go into the jobcentre to transfer to Universal Credit she should ask to speak to the manager and let them know she has a problem with computers and ask them what should she do in other words put the onus on the jobcentre better still she should put her situation down in writing and ask for a reply to her situation in writing. I think that anybody currently 60 plus claiming benifits should be treated with extra special good treatment for many of folks in this age group have knocked their pans out over the years grafting and paying taxes and are nearing retirement age, also many suffer various health conditions due to the harsh conditions of living in the 1960s and 1970s so maybe Labour Party UK could take that onboard when there is any future votes in welfare bills in Westminster.

  18. Thank you for your comment Ted
    She has raised the problem with CAB who are trying to put a plan together I have told her to go to her MP
    UC is a disaster I have raised it and I know from speaking to party people they are fully aware of it .
    I have spoken to people on UC they all say the same thing under funded not doing what it is supposed to do the long wait for the payment that is putting claimants into financial trouble .It needs to be replaced with a system that works .
    The DWP also needs to be overhauled items posted to them in Scotland go to Wolverhampton Mail Handling site A to be scanned into the system then back to Greenock then the client.
    I was told by the DWP in the summer the system is so overloaded the staff are no longer checking it they are only checking for emergency claims
    And when you phone in my case it was to check if they had received my bank balance as requested for ESA a recorded voice tells you at the start of the call for Universal Credit enquiries hang up and go online or use your journal .
    Going online is a major complaint about UC a lot of people use a laptop for leisure but accessing a computer probably in a jobcentre for UC is causing problems for most people not used to this .
    Reporting Scotland just said UC is a major problem for young families who are in work but not earning much money .

  19. Just read in the paper the carers allowance supplement Social Security Scotland have told the Scottish Government there is a problem paying through some Credit Unions .
    Benefits paid through Credit Unions are put into a single bank account for each union before being given to eligible individuals .Problems arose because some Unions were unable to verify who required the money .
    Its in Mondays Times p6

  20. Also Mondays Times p6 .The Ferret news service is claiming that Glasgow City Council were fully aware That Serco were going to evict hundreds of Asylum seekers months before it became public .
    The Council said in July the Serco proposal to change the locks on the homes of 300 people would cause a humanitarian crisis
    But FOI documents obtained by the Ferret investigators show that Serco were in discussion with Glasgow City Council in April .
    They also indicate that Serco emailed 2 council managers more than a week before the roll out with a final version of a move on Protocol which included plans to issue lock changing notices with 7 days warning
    Serco also emailed the convener of the equality and human rights committee she was on holiday and did not receive the message.
    The Council says it worked with Serco on support for Asylum seekers not lock changes they say Councillors did not know about the plans .
    The Council say its untrue that officers or members worked with Serco on lock changes .
    They say Serco emailed the convenor on July 19 to tell her of the planned lock changes her out of office email response was on and Serco got a reply she was unavailable .
    Serco did not copy the convenor into the email in which they allege she agreed to manage some of the political messaging she strongly refutes this.
    Serco halted the policy because legal challenges will be heard in January

  21. East Ayrshire Council say Universal Credit has pushed council house tenants into nearly 1pt5 million in rent arrears Council tenant overdue rent stood at 1.484million between September 17 and October 14 2018.
    7 per cent of tenants had unpaid rent during that time up from 5 per cent last year people are falling behind in their rent while they wait for there first UC payment according to the councils Governance and Scrutiny committee .
    I got this p2 National. Tuesday 4th December

  22. 80 years ago the first Kinder Transport arrived in Britain with 200 Jewish children fleeing the Nazis .
    This year we are seeing Human beings looking for a better life in the UK being rescued in the channel .
    This year we are remembering WW1 and what led to it have the lessons been learned because with the rise of intolerance and the far right all over the world I think we are repeating the mistakes that led to war

  23. I watched the BBC documentary about life on NHS waiting lists if ever we needed proof we need to take politics out of it this was it people in pain being told by letter what the waiting time was then finding out because of pressure on the service it was out by months sometimes years is not acceptable.

  24. Watching Brexit debate BBC say they have pulled out of PM V Jeremy good it would have been pointless and boring .
    The Gov went from yesterday saying we wont publish legal advice .To losing a vote today to we will publish tomorrow .
    Why not publish in the first place they must have known they would lose .
    This has set a precedent whats the betting before long the Scottish Government will be asked to publish legal opinion on something and get hit by the same argument to publish and at Westminster it was backed by SNP MPS
    And they are supposed to be governing us .

  25. Went for hearing test today Audiologist said I needed more powerful hearing aids .
    Well it was terrifying I could hear people ordering coffee .
    Went to the toilet could hear what people were saying outside in the corridor .
    Then I got on the bus I did not realize busses rattled so much .
    Then a gentleman who arrived at the bus stop as the bus was pulling away and did not get on .Decided to stand in front of the bus at traffic lights and not let us move .
    This woke the rest of the bus up and I with my new hearing aids was able to give a running commentary on the hillairious conversation between our would be passenger and our driver .Situation was resolved when our would be passenger ran to the next bus stop .
    As our bus past him without stopping there was much laughter on the bus when him and the driver exchanged loud pleasantries that I did not have to repeat and exchanged v for victory signs .
    Ch4 news said Rees Mogg and pals are looking worried because it is donning on them they might get what they say they wanted the way the commons is voting and Ian Blackford as I type this is putting forward the best case for staying in the EU so far .
    My MP Phillippa Whitford also made an impassioned plea .

    1. David l agree that lan Blackford is making a good case for staying in the EU, although I find it a bit tricky listening to him as his voice sounds like and reminds me of my Meditation & Relaxation Teacher at (yoga nindra) classes and before you ask l need these classes as Brexit is doing my brain in.

  26. Thank you for your comment Ted I watched some of the debate on Tuesday the Scottish Tories must have agreed with you at one point not one in the chamber .
    Maybe they were at a meeting being told that legal advice aint what we told you .
    Then today at PMQS Jeremy Corbyn went with Universal Credit Tory MPS interrupted constantly the speaker had to intervene the PM sat there laughing I thought is she in the same world as me the real world .
    Universal Credit is a disaster its ruining peoples lives and I think he was right to go with it .
    I am not one of those people who says BBC bad .
    But Andrew Neil was bang out of order saying to Barry Gardiner surely JC should have gone with Brexit government on the ropes etc
    It was the angry tone how dare he go with UC . Gordon Brewer asked the same Question of his studio guests .
    Well guys I have news for you Universal Credit claimants are in desperate trouble So yes he was right to raise it .

    1. David the BBC commentators Andrew Neil and Gordon Brewer forget that they are supposed to be neutral and should ask questions that are objective in a non partisan nature. Let’s not forget that Andrew Neil was a member of the conservative club whilst a student at Glasgow University. It’s my view that nearly all TV commentators can’t help but become biased and instead of being objective they make a conscious decision to pick a side it’s clear to see that from the examples of Andrew Neil and Gordon Brewer.

      1. Thankyou for your comment Ted
        Gordon Brewer was not to bad but Andrew Neil was in full how dare he not follow the script mode .
        Laura Kuensberg interrupted with what Andrew is trying to say
        CH4 news just broadcast Boris apologising to the Commons for failing to disclose 51 thousand in earnings .
        The relevant committee have criticised him for his casual attitude to the rules
        That attitude is why his pals dumped him when he wanted to be leader

  27. Well folks Stagecoach are trying to pull out of the USA and I have been watching rise of the clans .
    Well first weeks ago we were told Robert the Bruce was born in England now rise of the clans has suggested no way did Robert rough it in a cave and the spider well forget it haha .
    And ch4 news have just said Jacob Rees Mogg has told a private meeting of Tory MPS the DUP are preparing to withdraw from the confidence and supply arrangement .
    And I think all those ministers who left the Government over Brexit must have known what legal advice the Government had before they left

  28. In todays Thursdays National Lesley Riddoch has had a go at Corbyn for not asking questions at PMQS about Brexit and the Government defeats on Tuesday fair enough but she then accused him of shirking his duty by asking some worthy questions about poverty instead she said that’s a vitally important issue but not the most important the day after the Government was in contempt of parliament .
    Is Lesley having a laugh Universal Credit is ruining peoples lives .
    I met a guy today on his way to see his son who is 7 weeks in arears because of a delay in UC .
    Every Council in Scotland is reporting this Mabey Lesley would like to go 7 weeks with no income see if its a worthy question then .
    P18 Shirley Anne Somerville Social Security Secretary
    Universal Credit claimants could spend Christmas without cash Yes Jeremy was right to ask .Just look at the reaction of the baying mob who continuously interrupted it was Jeremys best performance for a long time

  29. And ITV have said no Jeremy v PM Sunday debate either good I will just watch Taggart haha

    1. David sorry to say if you made a complaint to the BBC you are banging your head against a brick wall, l expect the usual template reply that is sent out to all and sundry will also be sent to you. It’s my view that the BBC are biased and an official properganda wing of the Tory party so l wish you well and the best of luck with your endeavours.

  30. BBC News website Kent County Council say that in the event of a no deal Brexit and roads become blocked due to massive jams bodies will not be collected and Rubbish will be uncollected .
    And the guy leading a year long revue into UK Rail has refused to rule out nationalisation .
    The Tories will love that idea .Maybe he better rule out plans to be a Lord haha

  31. Brexit Anyone been to Norway or Canada what are they like and I don’t mean Independent haha

  32. Theresa May sending out 20 ministers this weekend to sell her deal to business and the public is absolutely crazy, it’s the MPs who need to be convinced, and that aside the project fear in the media about 6 months delays at Dover and Folkstone ports propergated by number 10 is madness, if you try to frighten folks into doing something you want then they are more inclined to get the hump and do the exact opposite as we shall see when the Theresa May deal is voted down on Tuesday.

  33. Thankyou for your comment Ted
    I agree I just don’t see the point of it
    Ch 4 news are reporting that David Davis has rubbished Amber Rudds Norway deal and todays Times reported that Boris has told his team PM if she loses the vote on Tuesday will resign on Wednesday .
    John MacDonnel has said Labour wont go for a no confidence motion with the DUP saying in those circumstances they will back the Tories no point as we wont win .But will table a no confidence motion in the PMS ability to govern .
    That will be fun for Boris and co .it will be make your mind up time .
    And CH4 news say Marine General John Kelly Trumps Chief of Staff is leaving the White House at the end of the year Whats the song another one bites the dust
    And todays National published my e mail criticising Lesley Riddoch for her comment in her column criticising Corbyn for going with Universal Credit instead of Brexit at last weeks PMQS .Complete with Corbyns photy next to my email .
    They managed to leave out the bit where I threatened to stop buying the paper haha
    I have to say I am impressed with John Mac Donnell and Sir Keir Starmer

  34. Reading a book called Catastrophe its about the build up to and the early years of WW1 .
    The author states that in the early years of the war the British Naval Blockade of Germany was largely ineffective .
    I did not know this .But there was a not my job attitude in Whitehall the Navy were not allowed to lay mines as the Board of Trade wanted to sustain British commerce and the Foreign Office wanted to keep the USA on side there were interdepartment Whitehall turf wars as to whether a blockade of Germany was legal .
    Large amounts of Commodities were reaching Germany via Scandinavia and Rotterdam So to did large Quantities of British exports including Welsh coal and Cadburys Chocolate carried on British ships .
    Many of the cargoes heading for Germany were financed and insured by the CITY OF LONDON .
    The books author Max Hastings In his own words found that incredible .
    I wander what the guys up to their necks in mud and fighting for their lives would have made of that.

  35. I just watched HARDtalk on the BBC parliament channel tonight it’s supposed to be a political show in fact it’s a parody in the guise of a fantastic comedy show, the so called host of the show Stephen Sackur talks to guest Owen Paterson. The comedic host is so funny he loves the sound of his own voice so much for example he can ask a question and answer it even before the guest gets a chance to reply and if the guest attempts to answer the question the host is already asking the next question, it’s hilarious that the only time the guest gets a chance to answer a question is right eye the end and even then the host buts in with l am sorry l have to stop you there we are running out of time, it’s pure comedy genius. It would be fantastic if somebody could do a word count to see how many words the host and the guest have spoken during the comedy talk show.

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