Brown and Kinnock to headline ‘Rally to Remain’ in Glasgow

lmesFormer Labour leaders Gordon Brown and Neil Kinnock are to headline a free event in Glasgow this Thursday evening.

The Labour Movement for Europe Scotland (LMES) is holding the “Rally to Remain” in a city centre venue in Glasgow, in support of the campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union. Following the event, Gordon Brown will be signing copies of his book Britain: Leading Not Leaving.

The free-to-attend rally will kick off at 6pm on Thursday 9th June. Register to attend the event here.


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2 thoughts on “Brown and Kinnock to headline ‘Rally to Remain’ in Glasgow

  1. Kinnock and Brown. The chancellor who deregulated the banks and the ex leader who jumped on the EU Gravy train. Just the guys to give us good advice. Amazing.

    1. Another of those “secret” meetings where the ‘signed up for’ will be given the location and time just before the event. What is this – Mission Impossible? Maybe …

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