GCU_Logo_P293_300_PNGProfessor Duncan McTavish of Glasgow Caledonian University is conducting research on the profile of members across the range of Scottish political parties, including the Scottish Labour Party (SLP).


Please note that this survey has now ended. Many thanks for all responses.

This survey covers motivation for membership, the profile of members in terms of gender, age, education and occupational background, views on some key defining political issues, views on party structures and decision processes, differences between ‘members’ and ‘supporters’ and other issues.

The data gained will be used for academic purposes and not used politically. The survey is conducted anonymously on line.

It is really important that Scottish Labour Party members from all perspectives are well represented in this survey. Please consider taking part.


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4 thoughts on “Calling all Scottish Labour members and supporters

  1. Ooh, you may need the fingers on both hands to do the count.

    PS, if you can find an accurate figure as to labour membership in Scotland it would be nice to know ? as no-one from the labour party wants to tell us.

    1. Don’t confuse your failure to listen with others’ failure to speak. Scottish Labour has around 18,000 full members and 12,000 registered or affiliated supporters.

      1. Ah but, are these real figures or APD figures ??? does 18,000 actually mean 5 – 6,000 and the rest being union members who don’t even know the’ve joined, and does 12,000 registered/affiliated supporters mean people who have signed in for a cheap pint.

        Come on give us a breakdown,

        1. Your ignorance is not my responsibility, but let me reiterate that there are 18,000 full members, and 12,000 registered and affiliated supporters. Union members come under the affiliated supporters bracket, and have to explicitly choose to affiliate. Registered supporters have to choose to register and pay for the privilege. No-one becomes a member or a supporter without explicitly choosing to do so.

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