Campaign tour across SIX seats next week

proj3863_scotland_tour-768x1543Progress have organised another campaigning tour in Scotland in partnership with Lab3seats. Join the campaign on the doorstep working to elect Kezia Dugdale and her great team of candidates in the Scottish parliamentary elections in May.

There are SIX campaign sessions in six constituencies over two days. All Labour party members are welcome, and also welcome to bring a friend! Training and a friendly welcome is available for new canvassers.

Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 February 2016

Monday 15 February 2016

10am: Edinburgh Eastern. Meet at Moredun Park Road, EH17 7ES
1pm: Edinburgh Southern. Meet at 31 Minto St, Edinburgh EH9 2BT
4pm: Edinburgh Western: Meet at Lucy’s Cafe, 190 St John’s Road, EH12 7SL

Tuesday 16 February 2016

10am: Glasgow Southside. Meet at Kinning Park SPT subway station, 30 Cornwall Street, Glasgow, G41 1AH
1pm: Dumbarton. Meet at Millburn Crescent, Dumbarton, G82 2LZ
4pm: Renfrewshire South. Meet outside Tesco, Bridge Street, Linwood, PA3 3DB

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If you are able to join the campaign – or if you aren’t and would like to be supportive – please use the hashtag #ProgScot on social media.

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3 thoughts on “Campaign tour across SIX seats next week

  1. “All Labour party members are welcome”, “A friendly welcome is available for new canvassers.”

    I have to say I have some doubts about this. Although there have been many positives and friendly faces my recent experience as a member has been mixed. Apathy and mild hostility are what I’ve experienced too. Doesn’t really make me want to help campaigning.

  2. El Capitano what bright spark came up with the idea of getting the Progress Blairite right wing of the Labour Party UK to trudge up to Scotland and sabotage any chance of Kezia Dugdale getting any scraps of dignity from the polls predicted wipeout of the Scottish Labour section Red Tories at the Scottish elections. This move is on a par with the previous Better Together campaign and it is just as toxic as the folks of Scotland see no difference between the policies of the Labour Party UK and the Tories they are indistinguishable in their eyes so to parachute in the Progress Blairites is a disaster however as Kezia Dugdale is if I am not mistaken a Scottish Blairite so it is no surprise and desperate times call for desperate measures.

    “and also welcome to bring a friend! ”

    This has got to be the funniest thing I have read in yonks who would bring somebody along to put them through the mangle on the doorsteps of Scotland saying take another look at Scottish Labour section Red Tories and getting humiliated and laughed at come on never mind the training the por sods will need some counselling to get over the humiliation and ear bashing.
    Anyway I wish anybody who voluteers to knock on the doors the best of luck although I am not sure whether they are brave or foolish.

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