JA PhotoJames Adams, Labour Councillor for Govan and candidate for the Glasgow regional list, says Glasgow Labour remains as innovative and driven as ever, and is driving investment in the city, creating jobs and opportunities.


Glasgow Labour is in the business of fostering and sharing opportunity, power and wealth. That is because our Labour values are based on a fundamental belief that we all benefit when everyone has a fair chance to contribute and enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

We work every day to ensure that the fundamentals of Glasgow’s economy are sound, that the social and physical infrastructure is capable of attracting the kind of investment that creates job opportunities for our citizens, and that access to those opportunities is available to everyone, especially those who most need support.

In recent years, delivering the Glasgow City Deal was the culmination of intensive and delicate negotiation by our Labour council with both the UK and Scottish governments. The result was a groundbreaking agreement that will provide £1.13bn of new capital investment into Glasgow city region, which will additionally attract £3.3bn of private sector investment.

This is a massive achievement. Our 20 city deal-funded projects will create 28,000 new jobs over the next 10 years. As Chair of City Building, I was privileged to help secure an agreement between the Wheatley Group and Glasgow City Council that will protect jobs and apprenticeships for years to come. The benefits of the deal are significant. It will safeguard 30 years of work worth £2.7bn, and in the process will generate a further £255m annually for the city’s wider economy.

Glasgow Labour also pursues policies that give people with disabilities genuine and decent employment opportunities, through for example investment in our award-winning Blindcraft factory. These deals extend our ability as a Labour Council to increase the opportunities for apprentices with thousands more over the next couple of decades having the opportunity. And we will ensure that we effectively extend opportunities to Glasgow’s large and growing BME communities.

The SNP habitually claims that Glasgow Labour is out of ideas and has run out of steam. Rather, we remain as innovative and driven as ever. The City Deal and the City Building/Wheatley Group partnership will secure billions of pounds of investment in Glasgow’s economy and tens of thousands of jobs and apprenticeships for generations to come. This will allow our fellow citizens to develop their skills, contribute to the common weal, earn money and make choices for themselves and their families.

Labour is about the re-distribution of wealth, power and opportunity. It always has been, and always will be.

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