Dugdale: I am a campaigner and I want to change our party for the better

Transparent KezKezia Dugdale MSP, candidate for Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party, welcomes the close of nominations and the start of the campaign proper.


I am delighted to be nominated by 51 of my Scottish Labour colleagues for the deputy leadership of our party. I’m standing for tomorrow’s Scotland and to be part of a labour leadership team that makes eradicating poverty and injustice its crusade.

I am a campaigner and I want to change the way we campaign as a party for the better. Scottish Labour must find its campaigning zeal again and enthuse the Scottish electorate.

I look forward to attending events and hustings, and speaking to members across the country as we discuss how we go forward as a party: fighting for good jobs and wages, decent chances at school, more college places, and childcare that doesn’t cost twice your rent.

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