Dugdale: Scottish Labour must change to win people’s trust

Transparent KezKezia Dugdale confirms her candidacy for the deputy leadership.


I stand for tomorrow’s Scotland – a country free from poverty and injustice, with opportunity for everyone.

That means good jobs and wages, decent chances at school, more college places, and childcare that doesn’t cost twice your rent.

I want to be part of a leadership team that makes this Labour’s crusade. But to do any of it, we need to win the trust of the people again.

I am standing to help rebuild our party and support the new leader’s efforts to reconnect with the Scottish people.

I hear what the Scottish people say. I know they want change.

It used to be said that we should do less, better. Now we have to do everything better.

Only the Labour Party makes social justice and equality its political priorities. To improve people’s lives, we need to make it fit for purpose.

I want Labour to find its campaigning zeal again. We must enthuse the Scottish electorate, make them proud to join and support us. We will do that when we prove we are have listened, that we truly prioritise their aspirations and hopes for the future.

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