Ed Miliband: How we can change Scotland

ed milEd Miliband’s speech from last night’s Scottish Labour Gala Dinner.


We meet here after a tough week for our party in Scotland and after an extraordinary year when Scotland has gone through a profound debate about its future.

We meet here proud that in September we won the battle to keep our country together.

And we meet here above all determined to fight to show the Scottish people that Labour can be the change they want to see.

We heard in the referendum about what the people of Scotland want. There is a deep desire for economic and political change.

The referendum rejected separation. However much the SNP may try and rewrite the result, the Scottish people voted for us to stay together.

It means democratic change with more powers for a stronger Scottish Parliament.

That’s why we are entering the Smith Commission in good faith, working to the timetable that Gordon Brown set down during the referendum campaign.

We will deliver a Parliament with more control over tax, jobs and welfare.

We will deliver on a new Scotland Act in our first Queen’s Speech.

And we will do what the SNP has not done and will never do: deliver an agenda that meets the needs of working people in Scotland.

We’ll reintroduce a 50p tax rate for people earning over £150,000.

We’ll tax bankers’ bonuses to pay for guaranteed jobs for our young people.

We’ll end exploitative zero hours contracts.

We’ll freeze gas and electricity bills until 2017 and tackle the rip off energy markets.

And we’ll increase the minimum wage to £8 an hour.

A pay rise for 100,000 Scots.

We are just over six months from the general election.

I look forward to working shoulder to shoulder with whoever the party in Scotland elects as leader to win that election.

Over its history we have seen the Scottish Labour Party fight for the values our movement holds dear.

We face a tough fight but no tougher than the fights we have faced in the past.

The fight for workers’ rights 100 years ago which Scottish Labour led and won.

The fight for an NHS which Scottish Labour led and won.

The fight to get rid of the Tories in 1997 and establish a Scottish Parliament which Scottish Labour led and won.

And the fight to keep our country together which Scottish Labour led and won.

In the next six months I know the Scottish Labour Party will fight every hour and every day to deliver the changes the working people of Scotland need to improve their lives.

And I will fight with you with every fibre of my being over these months to show how we can change Scotland.

Together let’s win this fight to change Scotland and change Britain.

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