Ian Murray calls on Ruth Davidson to back a People’s Vote

Ian Murray, Labour MP for Edinburgh South, has written to the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson urging her to back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.


Dear Ruth,

As you will be aware, the devastating reality of a hard Brexit has become clearer in recent weeks. New figures suggest the Chequers deal would cost our country £500 per person per year, while in the case of a disastrous ‘no deal’ Brexit – which Theresa May is refusing to take off the table – the loss increases to £800 per year. There is now a very real risk of that ‘no deal’ scenario, which would have catastrophic consequences for people in Scotland and across the UK. The Prime Minister has lost control of her own MPs, and the clock is ticking on negotiations with the European Union.

Like you, I campaigned for a Remain vote and I continue to firmly believe that the best option for the UK is to remain a member state of the EU. I would like to thank you for the role you played during the EU referendum campaign, exposing the lies from individuals in your own party such as Boris Johnson. We both know that the SNP privately hoped for a Leave result across the UK. Unfortunately, since the EU referendum, the Tory Party has allowed the SNP’s grievance agenda to thrive. We both strongly oppose Scottish independence, and therefore I am increasingly concerned about your party’s cavalier attitude towards the Union.

There is no such thing as a good Brexit for workers in Scotland or the UK. The least-worst option for the economy is permanent UK membership of the European Single Market and the Customs Union. This is the only way to save hundreds of jobs in the city we both represent. In 2016, you said: “I want to stay in the Single Market … even if a consequence of that is maintaining free movement of labour.” I am therefore deeply disappointed that you have subsequently accepted the Prime Minister’s plan to leave the Single Market. The people of Edinburgh Central, who voted overwhelmingly for Remain, did not anticipate you would U-turn on such an important issue.

I was, however, very encouraged when earlier this year you said you still oppose a ‘no deal’ Brexit scenario. Could you confirm that you continue to hold this view? If you are serious about stopping a hard Brexit, and standing up for the people of Edinburgh, I hope you will instruct all Scottish Conservative MPs in the House of Commons to join with MPs from all parties who are fighting to prevent Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg inflicting this on our country. You promised in 2017 that your MPs would stand up for Scotland’s interests. Failure to do so on the biggest issue facing our country will confirm that Scottish Tory MPs are simply lobby fodder for a failing Prime Minister.

In my own party I will continue to fight for Single Market and Customs Union membership, but it is clear that Parliament is deeply split on this subject. I believe this decision is too big for 650 MPs to make alone. That is why I am supporting a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, which should include the option to remain in the EU. Nearly 250,000 people have signed the petition for a People’s Vote, and it has the support of politicians from your own party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.

I am writing to you to urge you to publicly support the campaign for a People’s Vote, joining pro-EU organisations such as Open Britain, the European Movement in Scotland, and Best for Britain. As leader of the Scottish Conservatives with a UK-wide profile your support would have a significant impact and could be pivotal in securing a vote on the Brexit deal. This is now the only way we can stop a hard Brexit, which you promised voters you would oppose. The outcome of the Brexit negotiations will affect Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK for generations to come.

Because this is so important for our city’s future and our country’s future, I hope you will join the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

Yours faithfully,

Ian Murray
MP for Edinburgh South

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21 thoughts on “Ian Murray calls on Ruth Davidson to back a People’s Vote

  1. Good luck getting a response from Ruth (“these are my strongly held principles …. but if you don’t like them, I will change them”) Davidson. She seems to have gone into hiding …. again. But then, this letter was never really meant for her personally. It was for the greater electorate (though extremely few will even be aware of its existence) and Party faithful. Ahh politicking 🙂

    Ruth (stranger to the truth) Davidson has no power within the UK Tory Party. Any appearance that she does is an illusion. An illusion set up by the UK establishment (aided by a compliant media) to combat Nicola Sturgeon specifically. But, as they say, you can fool ALL of the people SOME of the time but you can’t fool ALL of the people ALL of the time. She will inevitably be found out and become a busted flush.

    In the meantime, this letter will just wash off her media-manufactured teflon skin. Even if it were a worthy effort, it just will not stick.

  2. Scotland voted to stay in the EU but the election was on a UK basis, the remain side ie the Westminster Government spend millions on setting out the consequences if the people voted to leave in a leaflet to every household that cost millions and during the campaign the prime minister David Cameron and others said that voting to leave the EU would mean leaving the customs union and single market so on that basis people voted to leave despite project fear. The so called people’s vote on the deal would be undemocratic and not respect the result of the referendum. In my view that if there was to be a people’s vote on the deal it should only be one question it would be the following ”Do you accept the deal’ and you tick either Yes or No box. People have to accept the UK is leaving the EU and there is a big wide world out there with loads of markets and countries to trade with. If Ian Murray wants to stay in the EU maybe he should support an lndependent Scottish Labour Party and support an lndependent Scotland and post lndependence have a policy to go into the EU in an Independent Scotland.

  3. Can someone tell me what happens if there was another EU referendum with multiple questions including the question already voted on and we get the same result probably with an increased vote to leave the EU, do we keep going until we get the result that the liberal elite want because they think that everybody in the UK who voted to leave were to stupid and didn’t know what they were voting for. I think if Scotland voted to remain then the best way to sort out the EU question is first gain an Independent Scotland and then post Independence have a referendum as to whether we want to gain membership of the EU.

  4. Ian
    No chance Ruth will even see your blog
    One thing I would ask where is your evidence the SNP privately hoped for a UK wide leave result.
    Ted has some of it right Scotland took part in a UK referendum Scotland in the main voted remain the UK voted leave I saw the problem with that from day 1 As a member of the labour party who voted remain I realized that if we are democrats we should respect the result .
    On the morning of the result the Welsh FM was on tv asking for the UK Government to maintain the same level of Funding to Wales they get from the EU and Wales voted leave .
    The referendum for me never got passed immigration all the arguments occurring now should have happened then .
    I can see nothing good about Brexit
    NHS is already experiencing problems with recruiting I attended the public meeting last October of the Ayrshire and Arran Health board AGM
    A Spanish member of staff told the meeting he had been at Cross house hospital for 3 years and because of Brexit did not know if he could stay after next March .
    I thought at least Nigel and company would have a plan if leave won if they did I have still to see it .
    Don’t even think that leave voters were all right wing nut jobs they were not .
    They were ordinary people .With a grievance
    Most knew what they were voting for .
    Has any research been done on how people voted and why.
    Bungo is correct as well .
    Right from the start I have wanted this result set aside I want a proper debate held with the people being properly informed of what will happen to us and all aspects of the economy if we leave then a 2nd binding referendum .
    And I think all parties should cooperate It would help if Jeremy Corbyn would consent to a peoples vote that would transform the situation completely .
    We now know vote leave got up to all kinds of tricks regarding funding that in itself to me says set the result aside
    These are my opinions only I might not have expressed myself very well
    The fishing and farming communities are now saying there industries are facing ruin if we leave the EU did they not in the main fund and work for leave .
    Also what about America First and his trade wars .
    What I have said might not have been very well put its my opinion only
    As a member of the Labour Party I have been very upset at the way we have been torn apart by anti Semitism
    So when Boris made his remarks about women waring a Burka why have there been no loud calls to suspend him pending investigation and why have the Tories not done that anyway .
    Boris used to be Foreign Secretary was that his views then I suspect it was .
    Ch4 news has just reported a source close to Boris has said its ridiculous he is being criticised
    PM dodged the Question

  5. Ian
    We should be fighting for jobs .My local paper reported today the Aulds bakery shops in our area that went into liquidation closed almost immediately .
    I went to one today I was going to order a coffee and wish the staff well .
    Closed and in Darkness even the mopbucket was still sitting there .

  6. “…..it has the support of politicians from your own party, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens.”
    Are you really such an odious little bigot thst you can’t even bring yourself to admit that the S.N.P supported the people’s vot.

  7. Was trying to say Aulds Bakers shops went into liquidation last Thursday .All 26 shops were supposed to remain open to be assessed . On Monday the shops in Irvine Kilmarnock Ayr and Renfrew failed to open .26 jobs lost
    Pound World are about to close thousands will lose their jobs .
    Thats just some of it why are our political leaders and union leaders not calling the public out onto the streets for action on jobs

  8. Because the public are indifferent David. Some might show concern and lament the demise of the High Street …. and then fire up the PC to order more gear from Amazon et al. The 1970s was a long time ago. There isn’t the solidarity and community spirit there once was. What’s there is more of the Tory-ish WI type than the Socialist TUC kind.

  9. Thanks for your comment Bungo
    Home base to close 60 stores this week 1500 jobs at risk .
    House of Fraser in serious trouble not a cheep from our political or union leaders .
    Our local North Ayrshire Council leader Joe Cullinane fights to preserve and bring employment to our area .
    But it cant be left to local councillors .
    Politicians and union leaders at National level need to start organizing AUOB have proved with organization and motivation people will turn out .
    I used the high street as an example Poundworld stops trading today that’s over 5thousand jobs gone.
    No fight that’s what I am saying Bungo
    I am 63 at 17 I saw a colleague who with the rest of us was being laid off sitting on a floor crying saying how will I tell my Family
    Then in 1988 a manager walked into the factory at 1230 am with a security team and told the night shift of which I was a part we were laid off .
    The shift was due to finish at 6am it finished at 2am .
    I walked home along a bypass that night crying because I knew my mum and dad were relying on my wage for x mass
    I swore never again
    I was already active and had taken part in numerous demonstrations in Glasgow and Edinburgh about jobs
    Fast forward to the Pound world crash a woman employee told me that’s the 3rd time she has lost her job the total
    defeat on her face and the way she just accepted it was for me tragic .
    Then Tearoom staff being told their jobs were gone last Friday morning in front of the public including me
    And that was after the news broke on the BBC red button the night before
    This is 2018 not 1988
    But we are back there.
    I had trouble posting comments last night hopefully the problem has cleared
    I hope everyone took a minute to think that as we were going about our business yesterday that 100 years ago on that day thousands were losing their lives to make sure we could live ours
    And many of them before we even got up yesterday

  10. Ian what will our position be if come October Nicola sends up puffs of White Smoke and says she will notify the PM she wants Indy ref 2 do we support such a request as I believe we should .
    Even if we say we support the request but will campaign against .
    If the PM says no to such a request and I believe she would be crazy to do that then I say we support the Scottish parliament .
    To team yes what do you do if we get to October and after all those AOUB marches the White Smoke goes up and Nicola says I need more Brexit info so not yet mabey I will let you know after March.etc
    And remember there is another AOUB march in Edinburgh in October.
    Do you just accept it or do you say either go for it .Or we get someone else .
    Also the growth commission what happened to it wont be discussed by the SNP until March I believe .
    And are you only relying on Brexit as an Indy argument
    Why is support for Indy with the mess the UK government is in not in the high 50s
    Ian I was at a public meeting on Brexit earlier this year in Saltcoats Town Hall Barry Gardiner guest speaker
    He ruled out a 2nd EU ref .
    He told me there might be violence in the streets if we did not respect the result
    And their might be violence in the streets of EU countries if the EU does not reform
    I see nothing good about Brexit
    I have seen here in Scotland workers being verbally abused by the public Polish workers over here doing our jobs etc
    Usually at roadworks
    I have intervened 3 times over the years when I have seen that and been verbally abused myself when I have .
    When will political leaders off all parties face up to that .
    And speak out .
    And what Numpty allowed large parts of Glasgow to be closed down for the bike race
    I read letters in the National from people stuck in their houses having trouble getting to work

  11. David if Nicola requests a Section 30 for an agreed lndyRef2 and whoever is the Prime Minister at Westminster refuses it then l see this as an opportunity to hold a consultative lndyRef2. I would guarantee you that despite the obvious stance of Unionists to boycott and take no part in an lndyRef2 the campaign the combination of hate over hope and the inflated ego’s of Unionist politician’s of all the No to IndyRef2 parties would not be able to resist taking part in the consultative IndyRef2. l don’t think Westminster will refuse a Section 30 because the Scottish Parliament has a mandate to hold an lndyRef2 and to refuse will increase support across the board for Independence. Another plus to a consultative IndyRef2 is that the Scottish Parliament will be able to take back control and no more grovelling to Westminster.

  12. Thanks for your comment Ted
    I agree if the Scottish Government asks for a referendum the UK Government would be foolish to turn it down .
    I also agree the Scottish Parliament all parties except 1 you know who gave the Scottish Government a mandate
    Whether the FM seeks to use it before it expires is another question
    And if not where next for the SNP.
    I am in the Labour party I back the parliament and if a consultative ref was held presumably with the parliaments consent I would vote in fact I would vote anyway .
    I can also see a situation where some one would go to court to stop it .
    But we are a long way away from that .
    Also I think the growth commission has recognized whether we like it or not Westminster will have a very big say over how an Independent Scotland will be Governed at least via the bank of England and the city
    Anyway Ted where are those lottery numbers

    1. David I am not too sure if any court action could stop a consultative IndyRef2 going ahead it would be good if anybody has a legal handle on it could let us know what they think. I think even if an lndyRef2 is not legally binding nonetheless if one was to take place and Yes won it would speed up Independence.

  13. Kenny MacAskill remember him has written a newspaper article to Independence supporters protest less listen more .Its aimed at AOUB
    He also said caution from the FM wise but real leadership needed needed to gain support for her position
    He also said just because your marching dosent mean your any closer to a referendum let alone winning it and that’s where Nicola Sturgeon needs to show real leadership .
    Then he wrote
    There needs to be less marching and more engagement on the doorsteps not telling them what you want them to think
    So far the party has been remiss in campaigning and providing direction .Which is why others have filled the void
    with marches and other activities
    I just wanted to say I always assumed when the Indy ref was called it was because Alec Salmond had won a Holyrood majority and went for it .
    Then last night I saw a half hr programme that suggested it was David Cameron who offered a ref because he thought he would win .
    Alec Salmond was wary of accepting because he thought they would lose and did .
    Does anyone out there know the truth .
    This may have been during informal discussions

  14. Thank you for your comment Ted
    I was just saying if the Scottish Government went for a consultative ref .
    Its odds on someone would go to court
    PS where are those lottery numbers haha

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