Catch up on the last week’s posts here on LabourHame:

Holyrood Labour leader IAIN GRAY MSP argued that the party’s defeat in May has clearly now sown the seeds for its renewal.

SARAH BOYACK MSP reminded us that there is much more to come out of the Review of the Scottish Labour Party.

In a post as magisterial in scope as his previous ones, IAN SMART called for the Review to go even further in changes the way we organize ourselves as a party.

JIM MURPHY MP lauded plans to re-organise the party along the lines of Holyrood rather than Westminster constituencies.

Scottish Labour needs to radically re-state its aims and purpose, thought NOEL FOY.

Short-term jail sentences may make us sound tough on crime, but they simply do not work, said EMMA LIDDLE.

JOHN McTERNAN outlined the three big changes he thought Scottish Labour needs to make.

Scotland’s capital needs a better transport system and the experience of the trams project shouldn’t stop Edinburgh Labour from aspiring to it, DUNCAN HOTHERSALL argued

More needs to be done to create jobs in science and manufacturing, thought ANN McKECHIN MP.

Stay tuned for more top contributions in the week ahead. And remember, if you have something to contribute to the debate on Scottish Labour’s future, we want to hear from you.

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