In case you missed some of the great articles on LabourHame in the last seven days, here’s a potted summary of each one:


MALCOLM CUNNING attracted a record number of comments with his provocative analysis of Scotland’s history.

SUSAN DALGETY posed some uncomfortable questions on gender equality.

After the Inverclyde by-election, Shadow Foreign Secretary DOUGLAS ALEXANDER assessed where Labour goes next.

Labour needs to think big thoughts about local government finance, wrote MIKE ROBB.

AIDAN SKINNER said that Labour needs to get in touch with its inner passion again.

ANAS SARWAR urged Scots to take a lead role in international development.

Labour’s vision for Scotland needs to be based on a commitment to excellence, wrote CRAIG CARSON.

We need to pay urgent attention to those suffering from mental health issues, urged GERRY KEENAN.

And GREG WILLIAMS looked at Scottish nationalism through an English prism.

Stay tuned for more top contributions in the week ahead. And remember, if you have something to contribute to the debate on Scottish Labour’s future, we want to hear from you.

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