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DUNCAN HOTHERSALL reflected on what the News International scandal could mean for Scottish Labour.

Scotland on Sunday deputy editor KENNY FARQUHARSON suggested a novel definition of “Britishness”.

JAMIE GLACKIN risked personal injury by interviewing a real life cybernat (he kept the garlic close at hand, though).

The nationalists are trying to avoid some of the fundamental questions about independence, ALEX GALLAGHER suggested.

Labour’s Left has been right all along, according to NEIL FINDLAY MSP.

While MATTHEW LEE suggested a return to our community roots is key to Scottish Labour’s revival.

We shouldn’t be scared to offer parents a real choice of schools, wrote IAN SMART.

And RICHARD OLSZEWSKI put on his bobble hat and stood at the end of the platform with his camera and notepad to suggest Scotland should take the initiative on high-speed rail.

GERRY KEENAN took a psychological as well as a political look at the concept of “Britishness”.

And, last and least, TOM HARRIS challenged Labour to make devolution work.

Stay tuned for more top contributions in the week ahead. And remember, if you have something to contribute to the debate on Scottish Labour’s future, we want to hear from you.

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