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The latest Question to which the answer is “Er…” asked whether membership of the euro would be good for Scotland.

MICHAEL KELLY suggested self-regulation of the press has had its day.

But Raymond Boyle thought the News International scandal might actually leave us wth a healthier media.

Women remain Scottish Labour’s greatest untapped resource, wrote SUSAN DALGETY, while ANN McKECHIN pointed out that women are suffering disproportionately from government cuts.

MATTHEW LITTLE said that Labour was no longer seen as the voice of Scotland and offered a way forward.

And in her second post of the week, ANN McKECHIN warned of the difficulties facing some of our communities after the defence review.

We need a new approach on the doorstep that goes beyond “how will you be voting?”, argued PAUL McKAY.

And TOM HARRIS warned that Scottish Labour might have to take matters into its own hands if the review of the party falls short of expectations.

Stay tuned for more top contributions in the week ahead. And remember, if you have something to contribute to the debate on Scottish Labour’s future, we want to hear from you.

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