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The answer to the latest Question To Which the Answer Is “Er…” was a resounding “YES!” And then it was “No, probably not.” And then it was “It depends.” So we’ll just go with “Er…” shall we?

IAN MURRAY MP wrote a powerful, personal piece on the plight of the displaced Palestinian people.

In a significant intervention, Professor ARTHUR MIDWINTER warned against the dangers of advocating “devolution max” or full fiscal autonomy”.

The SNP’s arguments for devolving Corporation Tax could result in a further attack on public services, wrote JUDITH FISHER.

Former special advisor to Gordon Brown and Douglas Alexander, PAUL SINCLAIR, said the eurozone crisis pointed to the inevitability of a shared currency leading to shared economic policies.

DONALD CAMPBELL said that SNP sentencing policy risked setting free those who most deserved jail.

The Scottish Government is remarkably reluctant to tell CATHERINE STIHLER MEP whether an independent Scotland would have to re-apply for EU membership.

And AILEEN COLLERAN warned her party against dismissing the case for introducing “Scottish Studies” into our schools’ curriculum.

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