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JOHN McTERNAN argued that a rejuvenated centre-right party would restore some balance to Scottish politics.

In deciding its position on the issue of further devolution, Labour should argue for what it thinks is right for Scotland, not what it hopes will trip up the SNP, said IAN SMART

IAN MURRAY provided us with a forensic analysis of the SNP’s proposal for Corporation Tax to be devolved.

The Scottish Government’s rush to impose £9000 fees for students from the rest of the UK has replicated the same mistakes made by Westminster and tarnish Scotland’s international reputation, thought CLAIRE BAKER

DAVID MARTIN welcomed the decision to allow any Scottish parliamentarian to be the leader of the entire party in Scotland, arguing that it will put paid to the false but damaging impression that we are run from London.

Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary ANN McKECHIN said that the sweeping organisational reforms announced last weekend will give back the party to both its members and to the Scottish public.


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