Launching Scottish Labour Skills Match

imageedit_1_4972514595Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Kezia Dugdale launches a brand new initiative to discover and put to best use the skills and expertise of Labour members across Scotland.


Today I have launched Scottish Labour Skills Match.

Our party has a membership full of extensive skills and experience, let’s use these to develop and deliver our message across Scotland on all platforms.


During the recent leadership elections I travelled over 2,500 miles across Scotland visiting local communities, meeting party members and taking part in a series of hustings events. During this time I spoke to hundreds, if not thousands of our members and I was reminded of the energy and passion our members have for social justice and for creating a fairer Scotland for all.

We were thoroughly put through our paces by party members who were well informed on policy, drilled in modern campaign techniques and who professed to an optimism of where our party can take Scotland if we work as a team.

So, let’s use our teachers, classroom assistants and parents to shape our education policy.

Lots of our members work within the NHS, their experience and insight can be the basis of our vision for the Scottish NHS.

Our small business owners have vital experience and links with our industries, they’re job creators and they boost our local economies. They will be the innovators of our business policies.

As well as all of our dedicated doorknockers we know our party members bring a whole range of skills to our team. Maybe you’re a web designer? Maybe you’re an avid photographer? Whatever skills you can offer, we want to hear about them.

We have young people who have grown up in the world of online communications and now social media who understand the internet and the way it works better than most. These people can inform and lead our local and national digital campaign strategies.

At the same time we have older members well-polished in the written word who could be our last point of call for proof reading our messages, documents and campaign materials before they go to print.

Party members that speak Polish, Gaelic, Chinese Mandarin and Urdu can transform our messaging so we reach into every corner of the proud multicultural nation we continue to champion.

Those are just a few examples of the skills we can hone because when people do get to use their expertise and skillset, they enjoy tasks much more. We are the party that advocates an inclusive society; our movement must continue to be inclusive too.

And that is what Skills Match will do.

By completing the Skills Match survey, we will gain a greater understanding of your interests and passions and turn that into a role within the party and your local campaign team. The Scottish Labour Party is a home for your skills, and for you to play a key role as part of our team going forward to fight for the fairer Scotland we all want.

Please complete the Skills Match survey today, it only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for being part of the team.


Kezia Dugdale MSP
Deputy Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

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One thought on “Launching Scottish Labour Skills Match

  1. This is a great initiative and something I have been banging on about for some time; in fact I asked a question to Jim Murphy during the leadership campaign about it. I’m glad at last the leadership is looking to the vast skills base which we have at our disposal. One of my biggest complaints about the Labour Party is the influence trade union members have over the general day to day activities and campaigning. Don’t get me wrong, trade Unions have a valuable and important role in the Labour movement, but there are so many of us whom do not work in the public sector or for large employers that make it virtually impossible to get our voice heard within the policy groups which exist. For the first time in a long time I actually feel that I can contribute to the Labour movement in a meaningful way instead of paying my subs and making the odd donation. Right, now I’m off to complete the skills match website.

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