Details of all the candidates, updated as nominations come in.




Sarah Boyack, MSP for Lothians


Hashtags we’ve seen: #SarahBoyack4Leader

Parliamentary nominations: 7 MSPs, 3 MPs

Supporting nominations: 13 councillors, 1 CLP, 1 affiliate


Neil Findlay MSP


Neil Findlay, MSP for Lothians


Hashtags we’ve seen: #neil4leader

Parliamentary nominations: 6 MSPs, 6 MPs

Supporting nominations: 75 councillors, 18 CLPs, 10 affiliates




Jim Murphy, MP for East Renfrewshire


Hashtags we’ve seen: #JimForLeader, #jim4leader

Parliamentary nominations: 24 MPs, 17 MSPs, 2 MEPs

Supporting nominations: 100 councillors, 34 CLPs, 4 affiliates


Deputy Leader



Katy Clark, MP for North Ayrshire and Arran


Hashtags we’ve seen: #KatyForDeputy

Parliamentary nominations: 8 MPs, 3 MSPs

Supporting nominations: 42 councillors, 7 CLPs, 9 affiliates


Transparent Kez


Kezia Dugdale, MSP for Lothians


Hashtags we’ve seen: #teamkezia, #kezwecan

Parliamentary nominations: 32 MSPs, 21 MPs, 2 MEPs

Supporting nominations: 149 councillors, 48 CLPs, 7 affiliates



The following official Scottish Labour hustings events have been announced:

  • Sat 15 Nov: Women’s Hustings, Glasgow 14:00–16:00
  • Sun 16 Nov: Youth & Student Hustings, Glasgow 13:00–14:45
  • Thu 20 Nov: Dundee Hustings 19:00–21:00
  • Sun 23 Nov: Glasgow Hustings 14:00–16:00
  • Mon 24 Nov: Dumfries Hustings 19:00–21:00
  • Thu 27 Nov: Edinburgh Hustings 19:00–21:00
  • Fri 28 Nov: Inverness Hustings 19:00–21:00
  • Sat 29 Nov: Councillors Conf Hustings, Glasgow 15:00–17:00
  • Mon 1 Dec: Aberdeen Hustings 19:00–21:00
  • Thu 4 Dec: North Lanarkshire Hustings 19:00–21:00


The results of both elections will be announced on Saturday 13 December.


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4 thoughts on “Leadership elections info

  1. The good news for Scottish Labour is that any one of these candidates (and more) could do the job. However, I think we need to hit the ground running so right now it’s #kezwecan & #jim4leader for me(!). I will decide for sure after the Edinburgh hustings.

    I know one person, and heard about a second today, who will join Labour if Jim Murphy wins. 🙂

    1. It’s a difficult argument to make – no doubt all the candidates will attract new supporters. I have rejoined the party after leaving it something like 20 years ago but would I stay in a Labour Party with Jim Murphy and Kezia Dugdale leading it? I can only hope that Neil Findlay and Katy Clark are successful

    2. I’m aware of some Tories who might cross if jim Murphy wins. However he is who the nats want. Socialism is only antidote to rampant nationalism.

  2. Jim Murphy’s conference call on Saturday (08/11) was/is a great idea, a modern way of connecting with party members, but it turned out to be little more than a virtual fireside chat over tea and buns on a Saturday midday. It didn’t work technically, with long gaps/silences but, more important, not enough people were allowed to engage – and the topics chosen were soft to say the least and the answers meandering. It would have been good, for instance, to examine what the front-runner means by “a fully-costed ambitious set of pledges that people can connect to” and that he has promised…More rigour next time, please!

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