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6 thoughts on “Leadership Liveblog

  1. Has anyone actually stated that they would like to be the leader cos we keep hearing about who doesn’t want to be the leader? Is there anyone?

  2. So the Deputy Leader, an MP, is not standing. Surely that means the leader has to be an MSP – and now, not later!

  3. If no MSP’s or MP’s can be persuaded to “take one for the team” and throw themselves on JoLa’s parting grenade, isn’t it time to appoint someone utterly uncharismatic any totally lacking in drive to act as a scapegoat? Plenty of candidates there I imagine!

  4. Bookies think it’s between Murphy and Findlay with latter’s odds shortening: or will they cut a deal over leader/deputy? Two blokes? Must surely be a woman…

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