Andy MacMillan argues that by contemplating remaining in the Customs Union and Single Market, Labour is letting down a large section of its support and failing to stand up for democracy.


Dear Reader,

We voted to leave the EU to take back control of our own laws, steer our own ship etc. This means leaving the Customs Union, Single Market etc.

Labour is now drifting down the path of staying in the Customs Union and ultimately the Single Market. This is not leaving the EU and is therefore not respecting the democratic result of the EU referendum.

The Labour Party is now firmly in SNP territory, with numerous “a la carte” democrats within its ranks, many of whom are clamouring for a second EU referendum. With these actions, I believe that the Labour Party has let down a very large section of its traditional working class support.

Many in the Labour Party have labelled the majority of Brexit supporters as extreme right wing, uneducated, old, racist, small minded, intolerant bigots. This is not a clever way to engage with a large section of your loyal hardcore support. Be in no doubt, the next General Election will be carnage for the Labour Party. Let’s face it, if a wipe out can happen in Scotland, it can happen anywhere. There are no rock solid Labour areas anymore, those days are gone. Many ordinary people see the EU as an undemocratic elite club, that doesn’t give a toss about them or their families.

The Single Market is based upon free market ideology and was the major contribution to the EU project from the Margaret Thatcher Government. Nevertheless, huge swathes of Momentum activists (never mind the Labour Party) ardently support the Single Market. These apparent socialists are actually endorsing Thatcherite free market policies. It’s mind blowing, totally beyond belief; you couldn’t make it up. Nevertheless, it gets you thinking. What will the Labour Party advocate come the next General Election? It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. Perhaps it will be something like this:

“We are the Labour Party … for the many not the few … there’s more that divides us than unites us … we will keep the red flag flying … we have meaningless clichés for every conceivable occasion … British jobs for British workers … education, education education, leading to debt, debt, debt … Immigration control mugs … you name it, we’ve done it … four legs good, two legs bad … Yes yes yes, we know, Momentum is the new Militant, but who really cares about the trots or a spot of entryism these days? … Hell, we’re far too busy cooking up new ways to discriminate on race and gender to bother about these sort of trifling matters … remember … we offer a new gentler and kinder brand of Frankenstein politics … So do yourself a favour and … Vote Labour … better still why not become a member of our “Labour family” … it’s just one big happy dysfunctional family, where just about everyone in it hates just about everyone else … welcome aboard … what’s not to like?”

“We are the Labour Party; we support unlimited immigration to ensure fierce competition in the jobs market, leading to insecure employment and very low wages for unskilled workers … Vote Labour for a sweatshop Brexit. We also champion unlimited immigration to ensure that there’s a constant chronic under supply in the housing market. We guarantee that you will have to pay higher rents with your lower wages, nonetheless, we are your true friends, we really do have your best interests at heart; honest we do. Vote Labour for a Dickensian Britain.”

“We are the Labour Party, we ‘respect’ the vote to leave the EU we really, really do. Nevertheless, we know best and we know what’s best for you. We excel in virtue signalling and will happily celebrate historical events with great gusto, such as women winning the right to vote and universal suffrage. Nevertheless, we are happy to distort and even overturn a democratic vote.”

If the Labour Party doesn’t stand up for democracy, what does it stand for? Nothing.

The modern Labour Party just doesn’t get it. The Labour movement was successful because it furthered the interests and desires of the working class. The movement was basically a protection racket for working people. Here’s a fact; if you’re a protectionist organisation that doesn’t offer people protection, you’re offering people nothing and therefore, people will offer you nothing in return. Your days will be well and truly numbered.

We will leave the EU, and it won’t be the inedible dog’s dinner of a Brexit that the a la carte democrats of the Remain establishment, are so eager to foist upon us.

Dear Reader, I understand your alarm, frustration and concerns, but please do not worry. Democracy will be served. Leave really does mean leave.

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11 thoughts on “Leave means leave

  1. Importantly, what does Scotland’s overwhelming democratic will mean to Labour???

    In the context of Brexit, Scotland’s democracy is not being served, at all.

    I agree, the modern Labour party just doesn’t get it.

  2. “We will leave the EU, and it won’t be the inedible dog’s dinner of a Brexit that the a la carte democrats of the Remain establishment, are so eager to foist upon us.” – Given that both the UK and Scottish Governments analysis of Brexit both suggest otherwise, would you like to explain how you come to that conclusion Andy?

  3. Ah, yes. That’s what leave voters really voted for – the end of both party and national democracy after a single vote based on a myth of immigrant impact on wages and jobs.

    I didn’t realise they were so openly hostile to democracy and friendly to empowering racist sentiment. A little surprised to see it in the Labour Party, whose voters and members overwhelmingly back both membership of the single market and customs union.

    But then, wouldn’t want to tangle with that messy democracy business after that one vote a couple of years ago. Didn’t you know it cancelled democracy for good?

  4. There is no good side to brexit . For the UK never mind Scotland .
    I firmly believe the result was a monumental error of judgement .
    It never got past immigration all the arguments occurring now should have been addressed during the ref.
    Where is Brexit Nigel let him negotiate get the result he promised .
    Like take our Country back .
    Maybe start with taking our water back .
    Then how about the NHS money he promised Oh he cant he is still an MEP . If Labour come to power it will be in a post Brexit world .
    It will be about how we manage the economy .For the whole country not just the wealthy
    I want a massive public education exercise with all the pros and cons of any brexit deal for us ordinary people to see then a binding 2nd referendum on the result . BTW JCorbyn just ruled out the single market .
    Says some of the things Labour will do in power rules membership out .
    All of us are arguing about what happens post brexit
    Its now about getting the best deal .
    Then a 2nd vote as far as I am concerned there is nothing wrong with fighting for that .
    I did not see anybody saying vote leave get poorer
    Then there is America first and a proposed trade war that will devastate the UK whether in the EU or not.
    And those dreaded EU civil servants who come up with the plan to post brexit fish the waters Nigel and the Fishing Industry said they were taking back
    Then who decided to even draw up a list of American goods the EU will hit .
    If America First hits first and apparently its in the thousands .
    Meanwhile Holyrood and Westminster are arguing over a powergrab
    Labour are arguing over a conference stitchup
    As a Labour party member I expect better from all our politicians and do something before we have disaster 2 never mind another ref of any kind .And on that a Scottish industry spokesman either agriculture or fish just told reporting Scotland UK and Holyrood Ministers need their heads banged together
    Apparently Jeremy has said We cannot be held back from investing in state aid etc .
    At least as a party we are attempting to address real issues .

  5. Trouble with Andy is he does not recognise that Scotland is a country with its own sovereign will and that Scotland voted Remain. It is of course the case that Scotland foolishly voted to remain tied to the failing union in 2014 but that grave error will be sorted soon enough. The total lack of leadership from Labour and their bedfellows the Tories is a disgrace, wilfully taking the UK to economic catastrophe. Labour cares nothing for the working class. It is a party stuffed full of venal careerists just like the Tory party.

  6. well Clive I am a member of the Labour party .
    I voted remain I want a comprehensive public education exercise explaining the pros and cons of leaving the EU
    Then I want a second binding EU referendum .
    The last ref did not get past immigration which Scotland needs whether n the EU or not .
    And that will be interesting when and if all the parties start to explain that .
    I have had and am continuing to receive extensive NHS treatment so I know how important EU citizens are to the NHS .
    The fishing and Farming industries funded and backed leave .
    They are now crying for help .Despite the fact they got the result they wanted
    Brexit is a disaster for the UK .
    All the parties including the SNP are split .
    Some labour and SNP MSPS voted leave I am watching with dismay and anger Holyrood and UK so called politicians who are supposed to represent me squabbling over post brexit power grabs .
    Do those well paid idiots not realize we are leaving the EU next March .
    That’s what they should be talking about .
    You think the grave error of Scotland voting remain in 14 will be sorted soon enough .
    Now I am someone who voted remain in 14 .Next time I am thinking of voting leave. Do I do that knowing there is a huge market just the other side of the border that we will need access to but do they need us .
    Will the Shetlands etc stay part of Scotland if we do split.
    The FM says she will decide to hold another Indy ref in October .
    Problem the SNP seem to be really hoping brexit will carry them over the line.
    The UK is leaving the EU next March so at the moment its about getting the best leaving deal we can.
    Once we leave will an independent Scotland get back in . That’s a big if if Spain says no
    Or and I think this is the best scenario have a vote before next March and if its yes we can say we don’t want to leave . And then do a deal with the rest of the UK.
    But if our FM thought we would for independence she would ask for a ref tonight .
    Do you see any sign the FM is about to do that .
    If you or anyone else reading this are SNP members and want a ref on Indy 2 You will have to put real pressure on her to ask for a ref this year .
    Because you might get to October and get told not yet .
    If that happens they will get asked are you for real and how does she keep the members on board
    Clive you said Labour care nothing for the working class run that past Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Leonard
    I profoundly disagree with them on brexit
    But Richard Leonard was at my local party meeting recently I listened very carefully to what he had to say
    And to what he had to say to the conference on the Telly.
    Labour have I am pleased to say gone back to its socialist roots The most Left wing party in Scotland never mind the UK having listened to and seen how relaxed he was speaking to us . I can tell you Richard means Mary Barbour law redistribution of wealth socialised ownership of the care sector Interventionist industrial policy a wealth tax council housing a planned economy .That’s just some of it
    And I believe Barbours Law might be introduced into the Scottish Parliament will the Government bloc it .
    We will see
    Clive I hope you reply I look forward to reading it

  7. Never mind brexit Indy etc .
    I am a Rangers supporter on Sunday there I was sitting at home feet up oxygen on .BBC radio Scotland on Coffee on my shoogly table . Rangers up twice then beaten 3 2 . Disaster
    Then every Celtic supporter I know and I did not know I knew so many .decided for some strange unknown reason to either phone or text me.
    My Celtic supporting nephew texted to say Celtic are now 9 pts in front a game in hand and Rangers could not beat 10 men with a third choice Goalie .Then I got a text from my cousin in England enquiring after my health as she had just heard the result .
    Well that was the final insult I decided drastic action was urgently needed .
    I saw my Rangers supporting neighbour who had taken a sudden desire to clean his car .
    So I went out for a chat .He was cleaning the car because his missus and Daughter and her dog all Celtic Supporters had watched the game on telly with him and were still laughing at us barking in the dugs case .
    So while we were saying how unfair this state off affairs was another Rangers supporting neighbour joined us he had discovered an urgent need to go for a walk because his Celtic supporting son was giving him grief .
    Have Celtic supporters no sense off shame .When us Celtic supporters are in distress .
    Then I made another big mistake I watched the fitba on the BBC that night
    How do you hit the post from 2 inches .And that Tory MSP linesman did nothing for my BP either
    And did we need to see the goals on every single news bulletin all night.
    So after Sunday what else could go wrong answer Monday.
    On Monday I woke up this is good because I am on a full oxygen facemask at night .
    Then because I was not feeling to well I phoned the GP who phoned back and asked me to attend the surgery .And no it was not the old firm result .
    Then I broke one of my hearing aids . Then my daytime oxygen equipment broke down and all before 11am
    What else could go wrong I here you ask .
    Well I went to the GP at 320pm .
    The GP once she stopped laughing at my tale of woe prescribed me even more medication on top of my usual stuff told me to make sure I switched to emergency backup oxygen system .Then phone my emergency number
    I was doing that anyway only reason I had not done it yet was because I needed to be at home when the engineer came
    So off I went next door to the chemist for my new medication which I got and they and the other customers were still laughing at my tale of woe when I left .
    Got home at 445pm phoned the oxygen company .Engineer got to me at 640pm
    Moaned about driving 300 miles during the day replaced my oxygen equipment moaned about having to go to New Cumnock on the way home .
    And oh I forgot he had a good laugh at my tale of woe he left at 650pm.
    Today Tuesday went to Cross house Audiology for a new hearing aid .
    I really think Hospital staff should not laugh at tales of woe especially when it involves Rangers Supporters in distress
    After the last 2 days I have come to the conclusion the man up there knows I am in the Labour party member and a Rangers supporter so he is out to get me haha

  8. You’re not taking back control, Andy, you’re ceding control to U.S. casino capitalism, where amongst other disasters, you’ll be eating hormone fed beef and chlorine washed chicken. You can slso kiss the N.H.S. goodbye when it’s taken over by American health insurance companies.

  9. I would like to say I agree with Heids and I see the Scottish fishing industry is crying over another 2 years in the fishing convention .
    Well guys sorry you voted for and funded leave now you are complaining about the UK Government keeping you in for 2 years and the Scottish government wanting to keep you in permanently Sorry guys it was you who sold us out by funding and voting leave

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