Let this leadership debate unite us

Neil Findlay MSPNeil Findlay MSP, Chair of the Scottish Labour for Jeremy campaign, sets out five principles which will underpin the campaign and expresses his hope for an open and democratic debate.


A year ago the campaign to elect Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party electrified UK politics. Today, almost a year on, we find ourselves in another leadership election as those who could not and would not accept the result the first time round get what they have sought from day one: a leadership challenge.

I welcome the opportunities that this contest offers. We can now debate the policies, principles and leadership style of all of the candidates and hear clearly what they think the role and purpose of the Labour Party is and how they intend winning power.

At a packed organising meeting on Sunday the Scottish Labour campaign for Jeremy unanimously adopted the following five principles to underpin our campaign.

  1. We believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, in rejecting austerity and campaigning for a rebalanced economy benefiting the many not the few represents the triumph of traditional Labour values and is the change that that our broken political system needs.
  2. We will conduct this leadership election and the debate with respect, tolerance and calm and expect others to do likewise.
  3. We respect all candidates and believe that they are all worthy candidates.
  4. Whatever the result we all commit to remain in the Labour Party and campaign for a Labour victory, we urge and expect all candidates and backers to do the same.
  5. We believe this contest  should be   one of ideas  and that using organisational methods to resolve political disagreements does not help the Labour Party to prosper.

Now let us debate the issues in a free, open and democratic manner which ultimately unites our party and our movement with a common aim to transform our economy and society for all of our people.

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8 thoughts on “Let this leadership debate unite us

  1. Every one is adamant their candidate will win—indeed MUST win.
    I heard Tom Watson earlier on Radio 4. He claims if Corbyn wins he wont be able to form a “Shadow Cabinet”.
    That doesn’t sound as if this election will solve anything, because if Corbyn loses his support in Westminster, but more importantly in the country, wont forget. Reselection anyone?
    In the week-end press it was claimed Blairites ( sorry Dunc, but they DO exist ) were seeking support to fund a new Party. If there was a fair voting system, this would be the best solution, but FPTP has suited Labour/Tories for years—the sins of the fathers etc…………………

  2. After this coup has been put down the perpetrators have to be dealt with. That is what happens after a coup has failed. The consequence of siding with the collaborators has to be deselection. It is the only way Labour as a party can survive this internicine war. The blood letting has to stop. All Labour MPs have to say beforehand whether they are for or against. Absentention is not an option on this one.
    Also it has to be demanded by journalists and media outlets including Labour Hame that if there is any planning going on by the collaborators about setting up a new party in the event of Corbyn win this can only happen if they first of all resign as Labour MPs. This has to be in the public domain before the vote so everyone fully understands the stakes being played for.

    1. “the perpetrators have to be dealt with”
      “siding with the collaborators”

      Can I ask, Richard, as you set out this revolting set of demands using language culled from some sort of Nazi-era film, whether you are even a member of the Labour Party? I don’t believe you are. I believe you are in fact an opponent of the Labour Party. Am I right?

      1. But Duncan you yourself are clearly a rabid opponent of the Labour party. You’ve nailed your Red tory Blairite colours to the mast.

        Neither Blair nor any of his acolytes belong within the Labour party as their political views are anti Labour pro Conservative in the extreme.

        What we witnessed with Blair and Brown was a right wing annexation of a Left of centre political movement. It took a grass roots membership support to get a left of centre social democrat elected as the leader against the right wing Red Tory PLP membership.

        But never mind on the plus side there is now no opposition worth the title in a positon to fight against Scottish Independence.

        I have always said that the opposition to Scottish Independence would be the best bet in delivering it. If people wont vote for Scottish Independence they will certainly vote against worthless criminal corruption and utter incompetent stupidity without a second thought.

      2. I am surprised my language offends you Duncan I never realised you were so sensitive. This challenge on Corbyn who was elected by the members of the LP a year ago is a coup planned and executed by Labour MPs, and this language, ‘perpetrators, collaborators’ is the language of a coup.
        And after a coup there has to be a purge of those that lost. This is important because if you don’t the splits within the party will never heal and they will reopen at a later date.
        There is already talk in the media that there are about 150 Labour MPs planning to break away from the Labour Party and form another party should the coup fail.. This has to be considered as a possibility. And this is where the media and websites like Labour Hame and others play a vital role. It is the responsibility of the media to challenge these MPs now before the vote to say clearly and unequivocally what they plan to do in the event of JC winning the leadership vote. These MPs are entitled to walk away from Labour and set up a new party but they are not entitled to do so as Labour members of parliament. The last thing Labour needs is to find out the day after the vote to elect a leader that there is a new centre left party on the scene.
        So Duncan I hope this has been helpful, you have a lot of work to do over the next few weeks. Labour Hame, Left Foot Forward, all the other voices of the Labour Party need to find out what these 150 MPs intend to do, find out just how much Labour means to them or how deep their treachery goes.
        With regard my relationship to the LP; I am not a member and never have been. I am no longer a member of any political party and I try and approach politics and political parties without favour.

  3. Dear Mr Findlay,As a lifelong Labour voter i recently joined the Party to get Mr Corbyn elected,alas he is not welcome by the right wing.

    I used to vote for Alistair Darling who now sits in the other unelected place.(And several other constituency Labour Candidates in all Elections).
    He has went a step further and is now on the Board of Directors at Morgan Stanley.
    What does say about Socialism.

    The co-perptrator of the Illegal Iraq War,he and his family own 27 Properties.
    What does say about Socialism.

    Also in the other place he will feel at home with

    Charlie Faulkner
    Former Labour member turned Tory Michelle Mone,
    Jack ‘The Lad’ McConnell
    Des Browne
    John Ried
    Helen Liddell
    George Foulkes
    Peter Mandelson
    John Prescott
    There are others.
    What does that say about Socialism.

    Scottish Labour may well be finished at Westminster.

    The Right has stooped to an all time low in the dirty tricks department to oust the Democratically Elected Leader.
    £25 in order to cast a vote.
    Around 120,000 being denied a vote with this decision being made when Jeremy Corbyn had left the room.
    Much more besides.

    What does that say about Socialism.

    May True Socialism Prevail.


  4. A you-gov poll YESTERDAY has this results:

    Corbyn 56% V Smith 34%


    Corbyn 58% V Eagle 34%

    And from all accounts that includes shamefully having the members excluded that joined after Jan 2016.

    Oh a suggly peg moment, for all those that liked to sign lists.

  5. I recently re joined the Labour Party as I see the future firmly in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn. I am invigorated by his principled approach to politics, something that the Labour Party lost after the first Blair Government was elected, back in 1997.
    It was at this time I became disillusioned with the Blairite movement of Labour to the right, since about 1999 i have been looking for a new home, I flirted with Scottish Green party for 6 months, but for as much as they would like to be, they are not socialists. I have many friends who were Labour members who have joined the SNP, but that’s not for me, (their broad church is far too broad, with many being out and out tories not simply redtories).
    I started back in 1974 stuffing envelopes as a 12 year old, I joined on my 15th birthday in 1977, after being endorsed by our newly re elected county councillor, I have been a Labour Councillor and held many officer- ships within in the structure of Labour and I am home now.
    Don’t get me wrong, I wont simply follow Corbyn, because even he can’t be right all the time. I have differences with policy, I believe that Scotland can be Independent (which when you realise I am English may come as a surprise) and I will always oppose any election pact, or Council Coalition Administration with the tories. That is just so wrong!
    So here I am back in labour paying my fees monthly and I have just paid the £25 bribe to be able to vote #keepcorbyn to keep #oilyowen out.

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