Responding to the confirmation that mince supplied to primary schools in Edinburgh contained horsemeat, Scottish Labour’s Rural Affairs and the Environment spokesperson Claire Baker MSP said;

“This confirmation is a reminder that the problem has not gone away. We know this is not the first time that horsemeat has been linked to school meals in Scotland.

“The SNP held a hastily convened summit on school meals a few weeks ago and yet there still has been no action.

“The Scottish Government must take action to ensure school meals are balanced in a fairer way than the current weighting that sees price valued three times more than quality.

“Rather than have an open and honest debate over this scandal, the Cabinet Secretary is presiding over a growing food crisis that he is failing to control.”

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One thought on “Lochhead ‘failing to control food crisis’

  1. What a load of bollocks, I worked in the food manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, and if the checks/tests has found horsemeat in a batch of mince then they have done their job. You would now trace back through the suppliers to find the culprit and put in procedures to prevent this from happening again.

    And I believe the only other instant of horsemeat was a trace in meat patty, which appears to show Scotland does not massive problem with horsemeat in food products as indicted by your article.

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