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Scotland is in the throes of a post-referendum spasm.

On the one hand the sincere, and sincerely disappointed, from the Yes side are coming to terms with their loss in a variety of ways. Some seek to deny the validity of the vote and whip up an angry campaign for a re-run. Some seek to pursue independence through the 2015 ballot box and UDI. And some, thankfully most likely the majority, see that the answer was clear, and the path to progress now lies in the devolution settlement we have and the new powers to come.

On the other hand the No supporters sit largely becalmed, not yet extricated from the unlikely alliance that won the day, not clear how to take advantage of, or even take part in, the upswell of political engagement that the referendum created. It almost seems somehow that the Yes campaign were better prepared to lose than the No were to win, though there are signs of thoughtful people bringing plans together.

And slowly, gradually, we are all remembering the time before we were either Yes or No; when our dividing lines were ideological not geographic. We are remembering concepts like holding government to account, and addressing the economic realities of the present rather than the financial risks of a possible future. We are thinking again about policy, and values, rather than nations and dividing lines.

We are feeling our way to a new politics-as-usual. And we are not there yet.

Labour Hame has always been a broad church. Since 2011 we have been proud to publish views from all parts of the Labour movement, from elected representatives to grassroots supporters, across more than 300 articles. Some have endorsed party policy, some have criticised it. All have been worth thinking about.

Over the last year the site has been in abeyance as everyone’s thoughts and efforts went into the referendum campaign. Well, we’re back!

Today we’re extending an invitation to all – in the Labour and trades unions movement, and also to progressives from any party or no party – to rejoin us in this debate. We know you have thoughts, ideas, arguments to put and commentary to make. We invite you to share those ideas here.

If you have an idea for an article, or even a whole piece ready to roll, get in touch via the Contribute page and join the conversation.

We look forward to hearing from you, and working with you.

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