Jim O’Neill gives his assessment of where the Brexit mess leaves Theresa May, Nicola Sturgeon and the fortunes of the Labour Party.


The danger of writing a Brexit blog at this time is that matters are moving on so quickly that this might be irrelevant by the time it is published. However some matters are already clear.

First, some Ministers have followed the courage of their convictions by resigning after a night’s consideration. Chief among these is Dominic Raab, the Brexit Secretary, who has resigned because he can’t accept the deal that he himself negotiated. No doubt he will say that he was sidelined by the Prime Minister. However, surely that was when he should have resigned. Less damaging, not only to Mrs May, but also to the country as a whole, is the political suicide for the second time of the Wicked Witch of the West, Esther McVey. Her time as Work and Pensions Secretary has shown a complete lack of sympathy with those people she is supposed to protect in our welfare state. Who, however, will take on these two jobs?

At the same time, a number of ministers have shown that their enjoyment of the ministerial life outweighs the alleged principles that they have espoused. Chief among these is the principal architect of Brexit, Michael Gove who while rejecting a transfer to Brexit Secretary, has nevertheless announced that he will be staying in the Cabinet. The Leader of the House, the mouthy Andrea Leadsom, has suddenly gone quiet despite her hardline comments over the past few days.

At the same time, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Minister for the Eighteenth Century, has sought to spring a vote of no-confidence in Mrs May via the 1922 Committee. Mr Rees-Mogg has ensured that he will not be affected by Brexit, since he has moved his business dealings to Dublin. Even if he gets the 48 supporters to spring a vote, it is by no means clear that he commands the number of votes required to topple her. It is clear that she will not take the route of Mrs Thatcher in resigning even while she led the first vote. Mrs May has not been in power long enough to want to lay down the benefits of No. 10.

However, it was clear in the Commons that this deal cannot command the confidence of the House, with bribery no longer ensuring the DUP vote, an unknown number of Brexiteers and Remainers on the Tory backbenches prepared to vote against the deal, and all the opposition parties opposing the deal (even Frank Field!). There is no chance of the deal getting through. Her only chance now is to go to the country, either through a general election, the Labour leadership’s preferred route, or in a referendum. And the House will ensure that No Brexit will be on the ballot paper. The last person to do that was Edward Heath during the first miner’s strike. He lost the election and Harold Wilson returned Labour to power.

So where do we go from here? Mrs May has said that she will battle on until the European leaders’ meeting in two weeks’ time. It is clear, however, that there will be no further negotiation and this 575 page agreement will be put both to the UK Parliament and the European Parliament. How Mrs May will react to a substantial defeat in the Commons is unknown. But reaction there must be. She can no longer delay.

In Scotland, the SNP have been steadfast in their opposition to Brexit, hoping that it might shore up the support for Independence. However, Ms Sturgeon is now in a quandary. If Labour win a general election, or if a new referendum decides on no Brexit, there is no longer any justification for independence. Throughout the farce of the Brexit negotiations the people of Scotland have consistently indicated that they want to remain in the Union. With the pressure of Brexit removed that feeling will only be reinforced. And with a possible Labour government in the wings, the attack on the Welfare State is diminished. Independence looks further and further away.

Given the attack on local government by the SNP, and the continuing loss of local services – the services that people notice the most – recent polls that show a loss of support for the SNP will increase. Will Ms Sturgeon want to throw indy2 into that mix? I think not. That will put increasing pressure on the coalition that is the SNP with the ultras possibly going their own way, led by Siol Nan Gael.

We are at a real crossroads in our history. As a historian I can look dispassionately at the flow of history and the possible impact of the Brexit experience on the other members of the Community. However, as a socialist and internationalist, I can only urge my comrades to stand strong and take this opportunity to make Britain a better place.

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66 thoughts on “May in Fantasy Brexitland

  1. The biggest hurdle to a 2nd independence referendum is the fact that no UK Government present or future is ever likely to hold one.

    Why run even the smallest risk that a new location for Coulport would have to be found and built, a process that would take at least a decade and billions of pounds?

    I’m an SNP supporter but I didn’t really believe even if there had been a Yes vote in 2014, independence would have been necessarily been delivered. There would have been years of court disputes and political obstacles put in place to stop the UK having to negotiate the future of Trident elsewhere.

    The SNP can publically never give up on their principle objective of independence to keep the core support on side but my hope is their presence can put pressure on a Labour Government to reform the UK into a more federal type state along the lines of the US (perhaps not the best example right now!), with proper shared power and a looser confederation, as opposed to devolution

    Without the threat of the SNP I’m extremely doubtful Labour would have ever bothered to push through plans for the Scottish Parliament with tax raising powers, so their continued existence serves as an important pressure group for Scottish interests.

    1. If you added the time it took for all the countries and states that took their Independence from the Westminster Parliament you will find that combined they didn’t take a decade so why don’t you stop making shite up as you go along?

      1. It took 13 years to convert Coulport and Faslane from using Polaris to Trident, after an initial 5 year build previously.

        Ergo it would take at least a decade for the UK to build new bases from scratch in the event of Scottish independence. I can’t see the UK Government putting Trident out of use in the meantime.

        They couldn’t host Trident from foreign soil so leasing the bases during the interim period is a non starter.

        It comes as little surprise you don’t understand the complexities of the logistics around this. Nuance isn’t your strong point.

        1. Why would an Indy Scotland need to concern itself with the problems and logistical difficulties of an Indy England? Scotland doesn’t need to give a monkeys what England does with its WMDs now does it?
          Or is that too difficult for somebody like you to understand? Are you so caught up in the fantasy that Scotland belongs to England?

          1. Ah, assume everything will be easy to overcome, a tactic that worked so successfully convincing voters for us in 2014!

            Of course Scotland doesn’t belong to England because from a legal point of view neither Scotland or England ‘exists’. The Act of Union essentially created a new country Great Britain which gives the parliament at Westminister and MPs the legal right to make decisions on our behalf.

            Legally only the Westminster parliament can pass legislation to hold a referendum on Scottish independence and only an Act of Parliament could allow Scotland to suceed from the Union or dissolve the Act of Union.

            Personally I think there would be years of legal wrangling because no country wants to lose territory, natural resources and population. The MOD are one of the biggest landowners in Scotland and some of their key defence assets are based here. Not having control over the entire landmass of Britain would be a huge strategic headache for rUK and make it much more difficult to defend.

            You’re not living in reality if you think the process of creating a new independent Scottish state would be quick or easy. The sooner the likes of yourself accept this, the better chance we’ll have of eventually suceeding.

  2. Theresa May.

    Oblivious to reality, she ploughs on with the lack of self-awareness and the cold-eyed certitude of a serial killer. It’s quite chilling.

    She’s like Charles Manson in a dress.

  3. The fantasy here is pretending the UK is a Union of nations when its nothing more than a Soviet style annexation of territory delivering for a Greater England state where Uncle Tam collaborators bend over backwards to accommodate the abject subjugation of their own Country beneath an overwhelming force of political and social foreign power and authority. Yes Jim Bob that would be you and those with you.
    Brexit has highlighted that more than any other event in UK history.
    Where do we go from here asks Jim Bob well had the answer in 2014 been yes to Independence we wouldn’t be facing a Brexit at all. A Brexit where we have no say no input no influence no contribution no choice no defence.
    Getting really sick and tired of Labour Uncle Tam apartichiks pretending the actually give a fuck about the effects of Brexit on Scotland when they KNOW the solution has always been and always will be to END the UK and make our OWN CHOICES FOR US BY US. Like NORMAL PEOPLE IN NORMAL COUNTRIES DO.

  4. “In Scotland, the SNP have been steadfast in their opposition to Brexit, hoping that it might shore up the support for Independence.”

    Jim please can you refresh my memory did all the following parties them being the SNP, Scottish Labour, Lib Dems and Greens in Scotland support remaining in the EU during the Brexit Referendum?

    If the answer is yes then is it not natural as Scotland voted yes to remain in the EU for the parties and Scottish Government to continue to do whatever is necessary to remain in the EU and one of the necessities could be an lndependent Scotland via an IndyRef2.

    “However, as a socialist and internationalist,”

    Jim you keep banging on about your credentials as a socialist and internationalist please can you let me know of one thing or anything in your life time up to date that you have done in any other country anywhere in the world outside of the UK that warrants and entitles you to be classified as a socialist and internationalist?

    1. Ted, in respect of your first argument, it would suggest that you support independence an EU membership for London! Secondly, I don’t need to have done anything elsewhere to be an internationalist

      1. Jim thanks for your comments although I am a tad confused by the first one, if you mean do l support EU membership for the whole of the UK until such a time as to Scotland gain’s it’s lndependence then the answer is yes. As for your claim to being an Internationalist l thank you for clarifying your lack of credentials your honesty is very refreshing.

        1. I was active in supporting the Anti-Apartheid movement, in supporting Chilean refugees after the Allende massacre and I have a long-standing love of Russia and Russians. Btw please do not conflate the Russian people with their political systems

          1. You used to be part of the UK political system or you still are Jim Bob. I think its fair to say we shouldn’t mistake politicos like you as one of the people either.
            People like you are the political system Jim Bob be they Russian Chinese North Korean American or Uncle Tam.
            You gave up any chance of being mistaken as a decent honourable person when you insisted on being a party political apparatchik instead.
            You’re the guy who supports Trident WMD proliferation Cash for honours cash for access cash for questions a second chamber of unelected patronised and privileged peers warmongering rendition for torture participation in torture the cover up of state sanctioned paedophile rings in the corridors of power welfare deprivation privatisation of public services
            If you didn’t you wouldn’t be a willing and ACTIVE part of the “SYSTEM” that wallows in it all.
            So spare us all the sanctimonious horseshite at least.

      2. As an “Internationalist” You believe Scotland should only engage with the International community via London. As an “Internationalist you refuse to support the case that Scotland should engage with the International community directly without an overwhelming English proxy. Is that your definition of Internationalist Jim Bob?

  5. Well even as we debate this Andrea Leadsom is apparently trying to renegotiate the Brexit deal as head of the gang of 5
    CH4 news say 23 Tories have apparently sent in letters .
    Holyrood FMQS Patrick Harvie asked when are the SNP going to start campaigning for Indy 2 as did the letter writers to the National .Responding to Lesley Riddoch saying the same. The FM replied to Patrick SNP have never stopped campaigning for it . That must have come as a surprize as the SNP keep complaining its the opposition parties who bring it up
    Brexit is a shambles a disaster no longer waiting to happen it already is and will get worse.
    Not a political leader in sight .
    They know Brexit is wrong no sign of a 2nd Brexit vote no sign of Indy ref 2 or the Scottish Government even asking for 1 maybe the Greens will have to do it for them .
    Put a resolution to the Scottish Parliament instructing the Scottish Government to begin negotiations with the UK government to hold a second Scottish Independence Ref .
    That would call everyones bluff .
    We in Scotland with the rest of the UK are leaving the EU most of us don’t want to go so its time to organize that Indy Ref .
    If not we have to ask why not if its lost its lost .We cant say vote no stay in EU can say vote yes we have a chance .
    The yes team must come up with an economic plan for us to survive in a world where we would have a hostile England on our border and the world according to Trump
    Nicola its now or never

    1. David l agree Nicola should bang the gong and get IndyRef2 up and running. I am just a little bit concerned that the question of currency is a bit ambiguous regarding the continuation of using the pound. I would like there to be a clear position on the currency so that the Yes to Scottish lndependence campaign on lndyRef2 are all singing from the same hymn sheet come the referendum.

    1. David that’s bad news for folks currently waiting for operations the waiting list time’s in the UK are long enough with many operations being cancelled this will make things even worse.

  6. Hey Jim Bob as an Internationalist do you believe Scotland should have its own Independent Embassies abroad?

  7. Jim I am happy to say that the evidence you supplied confirms that you are a bona fide socialist Internationalist. This being the case internationalism is about relations with other countries so I cannot understand why when the Scottish Government want to remain in the EU that comprises of 27 other countries and that can be achieved through and lndependent Scotland why you prefer a Union of 4 UK countries it’s contradictory can you explain?

    1. I support Britain as a member of the EC. I support Scotland as a member of Britain. The Brexit fiasco has shown that we cannot have international free trade, so why set up artificial tariff barriers with our largest trading partner

      1. Scotland can never be anything other than a member of Britain its a Geographical distinction as is being part of Europe what you support is Scotland being subjugated beneath a Soviet style disunion of unequal states as an ethnic minority to be buffered at the will of the larger more influential foreign power.
        You should really start posting what you actually mean and stop trying to hide your corruption beneath worthless platitudes.

  8. Mike
    Jim O Neill is one of the nicest people I know and one of the most capable. He was there for me when after a year of illness. in 2014 I got out of my latest hospital he was round constantly to visit and still does he is and has been a very good friend to me. He does not stoop to the level of vindictiveness you do .Everything he does in public life has been dedicated to improving public life and services .
    He has never attacked people working in those services its always been to improve the service
    In public debate the man could and does run rings round you in his blogs
    You say you want Independence But in another blog said you are not in a political party. If you were to join you would be told to learn discipline and told by expressing yourself in the way you do in comments you are turning people the voters away from the cause you say you support .
    When we get Indy 2 and you go canvassing for Indy and knock doors and a house holder says I am remain or tells you what he or she thinks of you your cause all political leaders and never mind that what are you doing about those potholes .
    What are you going to do go into rant mode swear at them lecture them Because at the very least the door will slam in your face .
    That’s if you do give up the time to help out or just blame everyone else .
    You could start by improving your language in comments BTW if you are going to blast back tell me when contacting voters to ask for their vote whats the most important thing YOU as a party rep can do ..

    1. I don’t doubt that which means you really should look at the company you keep. Hitler loved his dogs and im sure he was very affectionate to Eva Braun he even managed to get an entire railway industry to run on time and if he Jim Bob can run rings around me in debate then why are you the one making the effort and failing?
      Being articulate and polite when lying your arse off is just as insulting and disingenuous when you do it without articulation or manners.
      You failed to address a single point I made because you cant refute any of it.

      1. I wonder who upset you when you were younger to make you so full of bile nad so spiteful. Or has nature triumphed over nurture?

        1. I wonder where you developed a sense of self entitlement a corrupt nature and a propensity to disguise yourself beneath a layer of self unawareness?

      2. Mike the most important thing we do when canvassing or phone polling delivering leaflets ext When you meet the voters is listen

        1. Is it? And what do you think the voters have been telling Labour in Scotland since 2007 then?

  9. Read this in yesterdays papers
    Dominic Rabb claimed Brexit negotiations went on behind his back he did not know of
    Boris Amber Rudd Sajid Javid Jeremy Hunt David Davis Penny Mordaunt and Dominic Rabb are all preparing leadership campaigns .
    The gang of 5 Michael Gove Andrea Leadsom Liam Fox Chris Grayling and Penny Mordaunt are having a breakfast meeting .
    Remain supporting cabinet members are telling the PM to renegotiate as they cant get it through the commons.
    Mogg and pals have published their own 7 page paper attacking PMS deal .
    NO 1O are on standby for the 48 letters to be in by Tuesday .
    Boris is now known to have attended 3 meetings last week with MPS where removing the PM was on the agenda .
    Boris has not bothered to tell us if he has send in his letter .
    And all that before Nicola arrives in town for a word with the PM Jeremy and her own MPS
    All that plotting are any of those Tories actually doing what they were elected to represent their constituents and Govern . Or Labour will because we are ready .

  10. Nicola and Jeremy apparently had constructive talks regarding Brexit That’s what should be happening and not just that we need to cooperate to do something to reform the DWP .
    If the DUP can prop up the Gov there to me is no reason why the opposition parties cannot work together to stop things like Brexit and Universal Credit .
    We do need to recognize we should not be talking down to ordinary people who voted leave .
    Has any research been done into how and why people voted the way they did.
    What info did they have on which to make a reasonably informed decision .
    Where did they get the info from especially Nigel David Cameron etc .Was it TV Or their own opinion .
    I made my own mind up it was remain from the start .
    Apart from todays visit to London by the FM Some thing else happened .
    The PM made some daft comment today about EU Nationals and que jumping .
    The week before the vote I heard people in my area saying look at that Polish people over here doing our jobs the roadworks they were pointing at had no one working on them .
    I have heard it twice in my area and on all 3 occasions when I said something I got turned on.
    This is something we need to deal with .
    Start at Primary School .
    Politicians should also learn don’t say EU que jumpers etc because you think it makes you look good on the news.
    And while I am at it
    We could do with a lot less of the Stuff I see in the National letters page .
    Like English occupiers occupation forces English settlers here with votes England foreign country .and anyone who dose not agree with them an enemy or a Quisling .
    And the same on any other outlets where ordinary yes movement people are attacked .
    Then we have so called social media .telling people they should be raped or killed
    Regarding the DUP not supporting the Gov I hope the Gov had a money back option on that 1 Billion deal
    BBC Reporting Scotland Nicola and Jeremy will work together to stop Brexit .

  11. And a first class barny amongst William Rees Mogg and friends only 24 letters in where are all the other letters they were promised by Tory MPS they are now being accused of fibbing the Cads and Boundas and even worse the press are mocking them for making their much publicised move against the PM and messing it up.

  12. Saw the BBC Documentary about the Artic Penguins the crew apparently observed them for a year without intervening in any situation and as BBC rules state let nature take its course .
    There was some sort of situation that arose that trapped hundreds of Penguins on the Ice .
    The entire crew took a vote and decided to dig an escape route for them which worked .
    They said the crew and Penguins were all creatures on the ice it was an exceptional situation hundreds were trapped and they could and did help by digging a way out I agree .

  13. The justification for independence is self governance, Jim, not Brexit, no Brexit, hard, soft or no deal Brexit. What this whole sorry Brexit episode demonstrates is how little UK establishment considers anything but their own narrow interests. Incidentally, you seem to forget that, according to your side, one of the reasons to remain in the UK was to avoid being chucked out of Europe.

  14. Heids
    That’s the first in a long time I have actually read someone saying the justification for Independence is Self Governance .
    Well done .But all we hear day in day out from the yes movement is we are going out of the EU against our will in Scotland .Its as if the only thing they have going for them is Brexit
    In todays National letters page a big time backlash from some of the many Independence voters who also voted leave in the EU ref .And feel they are being ignored by the pro independence parties Some claim it was that group of SNP voters who stayed at home at the last General Election.
    We also all of us need to stop this your side calling each other Unionists enemies etc and I mean both sides .
    We all live in Scotland Independent or not And if we do get Indy 2 I hope it will be conducted in a civilised fashion And above all if its yes we remember this is our country and we will all have to let bygones be bygones and make it work BTW I voted remain in the EU ref I can see nothing good in Brexit ,

    1. Second dentence,David, I pointed out that what Brexit does do is demonstrate whst an absolute shambles, the whole Whitehall/Westminster club is, and how destructive it is towards Scotland, and to be fair, anywhere outside the square mile; hence the need for self governance

  15. Then we have the ladies football team playing Keepy Uppy in the Commons don’t give them a row say well done
    And blame the DUP if they had not voted for or abstained on all those opposition amendments and the Government not caved in and accepted them the commons would still have been sitting

    1. David l agree it was a marvelous opportunity to highlight women’s football and it promotes it through maximum publicity so well ladies.

      1. Thank you for your comment Ted
        That DUP series of abstentions etc is that not why the UK Government paid 1 billion of our tax payer money over to them .so they would not do that .
        Don’t think the PMS team would last 5 mins trying to explain that to Lord Sugar your fired comes to mind

  16. Drew

    “Of course Scotland doesn’t belong to England because from a legal point of view neither Scotland or England ‘exists’. The Act of Union essentially created a new country Great Britain which gives the parliament at Westminister and MPs the legal right to make decisions on our behalf.”

    I can only assume this is nothing but puerile click baiting because nobody who can type is this stupid.

    Scotland and England by the very definition of the word Country are Countries therefore Great Britain by definition cannot be a Country. Great Britain as a geographical distinction existed far longer than the Act of Union 1707. In fact the term Greater Britannia was coined by the Romans in AD 55 to distinguish it from Lesser Britannia which is now identified as Brittany in France.
    Legally legitimately practically and every other ally ONLY the people of Scotland can decide whether we remain as part of the UK or we decide to END the UK by ending the Act of Union. Not even the people of England have that power in spite of what pathetic little Uncle Tams like you would wish.

    There will be a lot of wrangling and horse trading in the event of Scottish Independence but not on the issue of Independence itself ONLY on the distribution of UK assets and liabilities. The actual issue of Independence is not open for haggle or debate once the people of Scotland decide that’s the choice they wish to make.

    That’s just another reality sad wee Uncle Tams like you choose to ignore and pretend doesn’t exist because like the UK state itself you are hopelessly and terminally corrupt and worthless to the core.

    1. Hi Mike

      Why then did the Scottish Government go to the bother of seeking an Order in Council under Section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998 (a piece of legislation created in Westminster) in what came to be known as the ‘Edinburgh agreement’?

      The Scottish Government were looking for the legal basis to hold a referendum (which they had to obtain from the UK Government under the Westminster Parliament primarty legislation, because the Scottish Parliament doesn’t have the power).

      However much you and I wish that were not the case, unfortunately it is true.

      But this agreement only gave Holyrood the power to hold a referendum. Legally it doesn’t commit anything to say that if there was a Yes vote that Scotland would automatically gain independence.

      It has been left deliberately vague: ‘The two governments are committed to continue to work together constructively in the light of the outcome, whatever it is, in the best interests of the people of Scotland and of the rest of the United Kingdom.’

      That why I think if the No campaign had lost, individuals and organisations in favour of maintaining the Union would mount a number of legal challenges in the Supreme Court.

      The lawyers would have a field day.

      Who’s Uncle Tam, is he a friend of yours?

      1. What has the Edinburgh agreement got to do with the definition of what is and what isn’t a Country?
        Anybody can hold a legal referendum over anything at any time in order to make one binding however you have to gain agreement on all sides which means that for it to be legitimate and binding Westminster NEEDED the Scottish Government to also agree to the terms. The Agreement HAD TO BE MUTUAL. Which gives the Scottish Government as much power and authority over the process as Westminster. Which bring us nicely to Brexit. The Brexit referendum was neither legitimate legal nor binding because no agreements between any parties involved was sought or given. The illegitimate undemocratic unconstitutional illegal Brexit is being forced on us by a despotic undemocratic regime within an undemocratic despotic State. In order for the process to be given legitimacy the constitutional nature of the UK state had to be respected and adhered to. Everybody involved with the Brexit process had to be in agreement as there was none then the process had no legal legitimate or binding status.
        And here you are in full support of the undemocratic despotic nature of it all.
        Uncle Tam is you sunshine the kind of snivelling quisling collaborator that has no qualms about serving any level of slime if it creates a personal level of self gratification.

        1. I would laugh but I think it’s a shame.

          All the best for the future. I hope you get the help you need bud.

  17. David

    “Concentrate on local issues that’s what they tell us”

    Independence is the biggest local issue on the agenda in Scotland and has been since 2007 which explains why the voters feel you’re not listening. From a Labour party perspective local is London and the SE of England where your leader and shadow cabinet live and work.

    Realities you cant deny without looking and sounding dishonest.

    1. Thank you for your comment Mike
      Independence is not the biggest local issue on the agenda in North Ayrshire Its not on the agenda .Where I live
      Not listening is what local voters were telling the SNP when they phone polled on that here in North Ayrshire during a local Government by election Question no 1 was how did you vote in the Indy ref no 2 was how will you vote in a future ref no 3 was will you vote for our candidate .That was some time ago but it from what I saw helped cost them the seat .
      The phrase do the day job about the FM came from people who felt they were being ignored That’s why they lost all those MPS according to Pete Wishart and the FM took Indy 2 off the table and why she said wait and see.
      What does get talked about if we ask is the local economy roadworks local services potholes Council bin uplifts jobs shopclosures Local bank closures both blamed on online .
      The NHS waiting 3 weeks to see a GP Surgeries closing packed waiting rooms chemists and opticians under pressure because under pressure GPS are telling patients to go there instead .
      I was an audience member at a recent local public meeting about Crosshouse Hospital which is apparently again under bed pressure because of the sheer number of patients being referred by GPS
      Just yesterday I spoke to a lady who told me her mum is in agony in Crosshouse Hospital broke her hip in a fall needs a hip replacement no sign of it she was in tears telling me .
      When I tell of the people in the NHS who helped me when I was in 3 hospitals in 14 and 15
      I am on oxygen therapy at home I receive numerous home visits from GPS and Nurses in 14 the Crosshouse locum who saved my life the night I was admitted was from Greece I have had help from health professionals from numerous EU countries .
      They are worried about what happens to them after Brexit which I believe is going to be a monumental disaster for our NHS my medical equipment is made in Australia Medication Australian under licence in England none in Scotland
      When I tell people in the Labour and SNP parties about this and me seeing people saying look at them Polish people over here doing our jobs and the 3 times I intervened I got turned on
      They understood what I was speaking about .
      My bus goes past the hospital and even today when I spoke to people getting on the bus at the hospital I was told we cant let everyone in.
      Today in Holyrood at FMQS the main argument was the Teachers strike threat not Independence
      Even Patrick Harvie asked a teachers question and he is showing signs of impatience on the Indy Question .
      Independence is not a local issue because the SNP have not announced a date nor have they from what I can see shown any sign of it .
      If they do and start to campaign then the voters will concentrate on it not before
      This is my opinion only not party political

  18. And the attempted Coup against the PM row continues haha Mogg and pals claim MPS lied to them .
    Mogg being told if you decide to dump your leader don’t announce it on live TV .
    The other problem they couldn’t agree on a single candidate Boris and friends were not having that .And Esther remember her of DWP Universal Credit failure fame has said the row she caused at the PMS Brexit deal Cabinet was because she was under the mistaken impression the assembled ministers would want to declare their hand by VOTING on the deal .
    That would never do would it a vote in cabinet let people know what you believe .
    She also said the PMS No 10 team have ran rings round them by getting their version of events out first

  19. Just read this in Todays National
    The new owner of the Scotsman paid Boris a one of fee of 94 thousand to speak at a conference on November 8 must have been some speech .
    Its this sort of line your own pockets disgrace by politicians of whatever party that brings gives politics such a bad name .
    And those huge companies who pay them are just as bad .
    How about this if you are an elected politician presumably working hard on behalf of your constituents .
    How about by law all fees received for speeches have to be donated to your local authority

  20. David

    You denying the fact that Scottish Independence is not the biggest local issue in Scotland PROVES categorically that Labour is not listening understanding or caring about what are local issues for Scotland.
    The Country is divided down the middle on the Issue which is why both Labour and Tory local candidates require cooperation and JOINT campaigning between each others parties to get them elected at local level.
    The switching of voting patterns at the 4th and 5th levels between Tory and Labour candidates is a clear sign that people are voting down the lines of how they perceive the Independence issue another fact your choosing to either willfully ignore or deny.
    The SNP are the largest party representation at every level of Government in Scotland because of the Independence issue where it used to be Labour in Scotland BEFORE Independence became the top local issue in Scotland.
    NO Scottish Government can best serve the best interests of any other issue in Scotland if it has to limit its budgets with less than full fiscal autonomy relative to having full fiscal autonomy. As long as EVERY Scottish Government is required to pass over a huge chunk of its revenue stream to Westminster to be distributed along the lines of Trident renewal warmongering foreign affairs Westminster refurbishment London infrastructure etc then it will NEVER be able to give Scotlands full income potential to local projects needs and requirements and that there is the level of dishonesty people like you are forced to spew when you try to blame an SNP Government for lack of spending commitments while you fully support and endorse the continued exodus of Scottish revenue streams to London.

    ANY and ALL Scottish Governments employing Scotlands full fiscal potential to local spending will have far more resources to share amongst the local requirements than when it is deprived of FFA and working with LESS THAN FFA by a disunion of unequals.
    Why cant Scotland use its own Oil and gas revenues to spend locally? Why not its VAT? Why not its savings tax? Its capital gains tax? Why cant Scotland use ALL of its own revenues to spend locally in Scotland? Wouldn’t that be better than trying to budget with FAR LESS than our full fiscal potential?

    1. Thank you for your comment Mike
      Can you point out where in North Ayrshire Labour have been involved in joint campaigning with any other political party to get elected at local level or any level

      1. Easily. Both parties concentrated their campaign against the SNP candidates neither party campaigned against the other. Care to point me to any document leaflet or advertisement Labour used during the campaign that attacked any of the local Tory candidates? Both parties campaigned against a second Indy ref even though you just spent the last couple of days stupidly denying Independence is the number 1 issue in Scotland because Labour and the Tories cant stop harping on about a second indy ref at ALL LEVELS.
        Gonna deny that as well?
        You wilfully left out any mention of the voter collaboration where votes are switched between labour and the Tories in order to keep out the SNP candidates.
        Gonna deny that as well? Or just keep ignoring it all?

        1. Mike thankyou for your comment
          I can assure you in North Ayrshire Labour in the local election campaigned against all parties our leaflets were all designed to put labours case for our candidates to be elected and ours was heavily based on a local manifesto we are now trying to carry out.
          Voter collaboration so they all met to keep the SNP out HAHA where did those meetings take place not in North Ayrshire maybe Glasgow where maybe Tory and SNP voters got together to keep Labour out .Then again when people vote they vote for what they think is best for their area especially at local elections.
          Indy the FM at FMQS told Patrick Harvie The SNP have NEVER STOPPED CAMPAIGNING FOR INDY gonna deny that as well

          1. Oh Ok so you wilfully choose to lie by denial about the fact that Labour attacked the SNP candidate but not the Tory candidate and you ran on No to a second Indy ref AGAIN.
            Why the fuck would anybody with the SNP deny they support Independence? Of course they’ve never stopped campaigning for Independence they’ve never ever claimed they did stop campaigning for Independence Why would they?
            Just more typical labour obfuscation when you run out of horseshite to spew.
            Corrupt to the core is why you will NEVER gain power in Scotland again as long as there is an Internet to counter the corruption of your Labour supporting media circus.
            Didn’t take long to get you out of your phoney posing posting style just scratch the surface and you’re all the same worthless pathetic lying pieces of Uncle Tam filth itching to post spin waffle obfuscation bare faced lies and utter shite in a cause so worthless and corrupt you couldn’t dare use the truth on any of it.
            So spare us all the piss and wind its actually quite sickening.

  21. Boris standing ovation at the DUP conference and the chancellor at a private DUP conference dinner on Friday more stuff going on behind our backs and the Chancellor according to the DUP threatened them with a Jeremy Corbyn Government .
    That 1 Billion take it back Supply and confidence supply them with money and get no confidence back after last week the Government should have made it clear you back us or no dosh .
    And where else would it be ok to have an assembly not sitting although it suits all the NI political parties .

  22. Read this in todays National the paper which has on its frontpage
    The Newspaper that Supports an Independent Scotland.
    Now I buy it because I like to read the political views of people who might be opposed to mine especially in the letters page.
    Todays front page headline
    EU citizens who have made Scotland their home plan to return to Europe rather than face Brexit without a second independence referendum .
    I have typed that as they did including capital letters .
    P4 Exclusive Thousands of EU Nationals hoping for a yes vote are currently planning to leave Scotland after giving up waiting for a second Independence referendum .The National coordinator for EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland told the paper a high number of the 181 thousand EU Nationals living in Scotland are considering returning to their country of origin or moving elsewhere in Europe before Brexit in March .
    The paper also said the millionaire Tony Banks who in the papers words Bankrolled the business wing of the independence campaign in 2014 has urged the First Minister to call a second referendum or quit .
    The paper said he posted a Facebook Post the FM was getting to be as wishy washey as Theresa May
    If the SNP cannot get Scotland on an immediate road to leaving the UK then Nicola Sturgeon needs to go getting to be as wishy washy as Maybot .He added a lot more .
    Can I say Nicola believes passionately and is totally committed to Independence .Mr Banks whoever you are going on a rant and name calling can be and will be used against your cause when if she calls Indy 2 and I agree the SNP cant put this of much longer .They will need to do some thing this year

  23. Back to the National Letters page Someone has complained its about the Commons football game he is an SNP supporter and he is making it quite clear he did not send SNP MPS down there to associate with the likes of Crouch and McGovern his words also converting with the enemy in any way must be condemned It appears some if not all SNP MPS are being sucked into the Westminster Game Being Pally with Tories is not part of the deal

  24. Then we have this not in a certain paper cops are saying UK Government benefit changes may be linked to a rise in robberies

  25. The CCTV cameras at Ailsa hospital where the NHS worker was stabbed have not been working for years can we not make it the law all cameras must be maintained on a regular basis and fully operational at all times

  26. Guess who is coming to dinner at the G20 summit yep the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Various Civil Servants around the world They have to decide how their leaders will meet and greet him Public sessions and photographs have been designated a diplomatic minefield haha

  27. Hold the front page everyone there is going to be a referendum
    In Switzerland haha
    A Swiss dairy farmer got a referendum to stop farmers removing the horns of their cows claims the process causes them pain wounds their dignity and stunts their ability to communicate .
    He collected more than the 100thousand signatures needed to force a referendum the vote is on Sunday opinion polls say its neck and neck .
    Referendum signatures maybe something there for Nicola and peoples vote.haha

  28. Finally folks
    Its political awards time got this on STV news website
    Politician of the year Jeanne Freeman
    Campaigner of the year Gillian Murray
    Best Scot at Westminster oh you will love this its Paul Sweeney
    Well done to all of them

  29. My local Irvine Beat FM local community radio station had its weekly phone in today .
    All the callers including me as well as speaking about our chosen subjects were asked for our opinion on the Brexit deal The PM has negotiated .
    No one had a good thing to say about Brexit one caller mentioned Boris at the DUP conference .He mentioned something I had forgotten Northern Ireland voted to remain Another caller mentioned she is worried people are saying just get on with it .and they admire May for the way she has stood up to the mob of her own MPS trying to dump her .On that todays paper has an unnamed tory MP saying you would think a Toff like Mogg would be able to count to 48.
    In my own call I said my oxygen equipment is manufactured in Australia all of my medication Australia and EU countries under licence in England none in Scotland ..
    My worry is if we get the traffic hold ups that might happen at Dover what then .
    This is important for me when my cepac transformer had to be replaced they had to search every hospital medical store in Glasgow it took 2 days to get a replacement to me its from Australia that’s how I found out it was manufactured overseas The centre phoned me back when I ordered a new part to ask me to check country of manufacture on the equipment .
    I was on emergency backup I live in North Ayrshire . I also mentioned the help I have had from EU citizens working in the NHS what happens to them
    I said when the PM was on the phone in I texted my concerns no reply .

  30. “Leonard frozen out of thaw between Scottish Labour and SNP”

    “There’s been a sea change in relations with Labour in London,” observed an SNP minister. “They’ve got a sniff of power and they know how significant the SNP are likely to be.”

    The thaw in relations between Westminster’s second and third parties may be music to nationalist ears, but it is causing grave concern for many in Scottish Labour.

    With a snap general election still a possibility, there is open talk within the ranks of MPs of both parties, of a confidence and supply arrangement in return for a second independence referendum.

    The above snippet from an article in the Sunday Times just highlights the reality of gaining power Labour Party UK will do as deal with the SNP realpolitik, as opposed to Scottish Labour who cannot reconcile their SNP bad position and as a result will cause Labour Party UK unnecessary problems.

  31. Ted I read that as well it looks as if things are moving in Westminster I wonder if Nicolas meeting with Jeremy had anything to do with it .Westminster because of Brexit to me has practically ceased to function .
    Maybe some people are beginning to think what happens if May falls another early election and Jeremy needs help to form a Government .
    After the last election PM May should have gone to the SNP for the supply and confidence arrangement it would have been hard for them to turn down the 1 Billion the DUP got .
    PM May could then have turned to them and said you got offered first .
    Early Election Jeremy needs help go to the DUP the rest of that 1 Billion forget it its going to the NATS probably with permission for INDY 2
    STV News PM will probably meet Nicola within days
    The proposed tv debate all leaders need to be involved although I no longer see the point I prefer putting them in front of a seasoned Journalist who can put them through a Jeremy Paxton style interview

  32. In todays National a letter from EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland
    That article on Indy they say they gave it to the National in good faith over the phone and follow up emails .They say they have had a backlash from fellow indy supporters they say the headline was demand for Indy 2 what they are in fact asking for is clarity before March .

  33. Another National story from today not the letters page haha.’
    Ian Blackford has said Independence is now the only option left to Scotland Angus Robertson the choice for Scottish voters a damaging Brexit deal or a normal Independent European Country .Angus MacNeil the time for Scottish Independence fast approaching Philippa Whitford MP in a Sunday paper the mechanisms by which Scotlands lifeboat can be launched to escape this Brexit bourach needed to be considered .She is among 6 SNP MPS who have put their names to a letter drafted by Angus MacNeil to the PM asking her to give her preference for a possible route to Indy whether that should be through a ref or a general election .
    The Greens have told the National the FM needs to act they say the FM promised a precise timetable for giving people a choice over our countrys future at the end of the negotiating period .
    That time has come Scotland deserves a chance to opt out of this constitutional chaos Women for independence say new analysis say Nicolas style of Government and policies on childcare are attracting women who voted no in 2014 to yes today

  34. This is my opinion and mine only.
    For me Westminster because of Brexit has ceased to function as a parliament .The Northern Ireland Assembly permanently not in Session so the Welsh Assembly and Scottish Government are the only functioning governing institutions in Britain .
    So Nicola its now or never for Indy ref 2

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