Murphy: A fresh start for Scottish Labour and for Scotland

Jim-MurphyNewly elected Scottish Labour Leader Jim Murphy MP sent this message to Labour members today.


Along with Kezia Dugdale as our new Deputy Leader we can make a fresh start for Scottish Labour and for Scotland. With new powers coming to Scotland there are so many opportunities to change our country. The Scottish Labour Party must lead the way in offering the kind of bold and radical change the people of Scotland want.
It doesn’t matter how you voted in this contest. I don’t care if you voted for me, Sarah or Neil in the leadership contest or Kezia or Katy in the deputy vote. All that matters now is that we all work together to make Scotland a better and fairer place to live and work.

When we get back from the Christmas holidays there will be just three months until the start of the General Election campaign. That’s just three months to get ready to get rid of David Cameron from Downing Street and elect a UK Labour Government. Time is short but our determination isn’t. I am confident that with our passion, energy and hard work our positive vision for Scotland will win the day.

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