Murray welcomes separation inquiry by BIS select committee

Responding to the announcement that the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee in the House of Commons is to conduct an inquiry which will look at the implications of Scottish independence on business, higher education and research and postal services, Shadow Business Minister and MP for Edinburgh South, Ian Murray, said:

“I very much welcome today’s announcement by the influential and well respected BIS Select Committee, which will give us the opportunity to explore issues of critical importance to the referendum debate.
Ian Murray MP 2
“The SNP have singularly failed to answer questions on a wide range of business areas crucial to Scotland’s success and the confidence in our economy. From corporate governance and company law, to the rights of people at work and the enforcement of the National Minimum Wage, the SNP have been silent. From research and development in our world-leading universities, to how the postal service would survive and how much a stamp would cost, the SNP haven’t addressed the issues to which the people of Scotland deserve answers.

“We are stuck between two Governments that are more obsessed by the constitution than the issues that really matter to the Scottish people.

“I would urge all interested businesses, charities, trade unions and other organisations to contribute to the Committee’s important investigation.”



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Further information on the Committee’s inquiry is available on their website –

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2 thoughts on “Murray welcomes separation inquiry by BIS select committee

  1. The Scottish people will want to know the following if they vote No;
    Will they continue to have the rights of workers as they have now?
    Will there still be a minimum wage and if so will it be lower than present?
    Will we still have a Royal Mail and what will a stamp cost?
    Will they have a NHS along the same lines as at present?
    What will be the income tax rates?
    Will we still be part of the EU?

    1. Mr Mcilraith, we do not have a crystal ball. If you want an answer to Great Britain’s future I would suggest you consult the works of Nostradamus.

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