New Poll Shows Scots Don’t Support Breaking up Britain


Responding to the latest referendum poll published in The Herald today, Scottish Labour’s Patricia Ferguson MSP, said:


“This poll is consistent with the trend which shows that despite all the self-indulgent bluster from the SNP, Scots don’t support breaking up Britain.


“It is interesting that the young remain unconvinced by the case for separation. It is telling that those who have perhaps most to gain or lose from the decision next year are supporters of remaining part of the UK.


“Scots need the SNP Government to focus on the real priorities facing Scotland: getting our economy moving, creating jobs and opportunities for our young people. Instead, we have Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon focusing primarily on the referendum, distracting them from what should be their main job: running Scotland’s government to improve people’s lives now.”

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One thought on “New Poll Shows Scots Don’t Support Breaking up Britain

  1. This follows an established trend: that the more that the people of Scotland hear and see of the independence case, the less they like it. At this rate, the problem for the No campaign is most likely to be guarding against complacency.

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