Scottish Labour launches new broadcast: “We will change Scotland”

“Whether in September you were Yes or No, come May we know it’s time for the Tories to go.”

Launching the Party Political Broadcast, which will air tonight across Scotland, Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Kezia Dugdale MSP said:

Under the new leadership team Scottish Labour has changed. Now we want to change Scotland.

Our plans for 1,000 extra NHS nurses funded by a Mansion Tax on homes across the UK worth more than £2 million is an example of how only Scottish Labour can deliver the change Scotland needs.

The referendum was a great debate for Scotland, but that belongs to last year. The message for Scots is that Yes or No, the Tories must go.

The choice facing Scots in the General Election in May is between a UK Labour Government or a UK Tory Government.

Only the Labour Party is big enough and strong enough across the whole of the UK to remove David Cameron from Downing Street. A vote for any party other than Scottish Labour risks returning the Tories to Government by accident. That’s not what the majority of Scots want. Only by voting for Scottish Labour can we stop that happening.

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