SNP confused, contradictory and uncertain on currency

Scottish ParliamentResponding to the currency paper published by Options for Scotland, Scottish Labour’s Ken Macintosh MSP said:

“The more details we hear about plans for independence the more confused, contradictory and increasingly uncertain it all seems.

“The SNP and the rest of the Yes campaign appear to be facing in different directions on basic issues such as what currency to use or even whether to be part of the European Union or not.

“John Swinney is admitting uncertainty in private whilst desperately trying to recalculate old statistics for public consumption thinking somehow this will reassure us.  It would be baffling if it wasn’t so worrying.

“Every week throws up more questions; will Scotland qualify for any of the European opt outs?  Have they have reached agreement on securing our pensions? It’s time the SNP gave us some straight answers.”



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