Johann at conference


Johann Lamont led the Scottish Labour Party to major success in the local government elections of 2012, and resounding victory in the independence referendum last month. The party is currently enjoying a period of increasing membership and engagement.

Thank you Johann, for all you’ve done for the party. We wish you well for the future.


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4 thoughts on “Thank you, Johann

  1. I met her during#indyref and was impressed by her sincerity and passion. I wish her well.

    Her leaving looks messy, but the timing is good. Finding a replacement will not be easy, but is a massive opportunity for Scottish Labour.

  2. Johann Lamont is great example of service to Scottish Labour, taking responsibility and working for what she believes in. Her politics are based on what she could do, rather than who she could be.

  3. “Johann Lamont is great example of service to Scottish Labour.”

    In a nutshell.

    That’s exactly what’s wrong with Scottish Labour.

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