The last week on LabourHame

Catch up on the last week’s posts here on LabourHame:


Scottish Labour is fighting for its very survival, warned Labour MSP James Kelly.

JOHN RUDDY’S critique of nationalist rail policy provoked some lively and informed debate.

IAN SMART lit the blue touchpaper with some explosive comments on welfare reform, before retiring (or, more accurately, going on holiday).

We need to rethink the purpose – and even the existence – of party branch meetings, said MATTHEW LEE.

Scottish Labour should consider an anti-coalition coalition, argued ANDREW McFADYEN.

IAIN BROTCHIE advised our party to remind itself what we’re here for – which is to combat inequality.

And PAUL DEVLIN reckoned that Scottish Labour’s soul-searching, while welcome, is four years behind schedule.

Stay tuned for more top contributions in the week ahead. And remember, if you have something to contribute to the debate on Scottish Labour’s future, we want to hear from you.

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