The morning after the night before

evanEvan Williams had a dental appointment this morning.


This morning I found myself in the waiting room at my dentist for an 8.30 appointment, having not slept after the count in Renfrewshire and the results rolling in overnight.

The mood among the staff was sombre but it was the conversation between two of my fellow waiting room inmates that really sums up for me where we are. Let’s call them retired lady (RL) and middle aged engineer and (ME).

There’s a small TV showing BBC news as Cameron comes out to resign, and RL starts to celebrate, offering the view that people power won out.

ME – Are you pleased about that?

RL – It’s great news, the people won!

ME – Not great news for me. I think I’m about to lose my job.

RL – It’ll all go back to normal soon.

ME – No I don’t think so. My pension just fell by 10%, I spend all my time working on projects in Europe and I can’t see my company surviving.

RL – We’ll all be better off without the immigrants.

ME – I don’t know how I’ll pay my mortgage, and the economy is in freefall.

RL – Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

ME – No, it’s a fact. Everybody who knows anything about it said this would happen.

RL – It’s just their opinion. Everything is going to be better now.

ME (remarkably calmly) – I make my living building things in Europe. I’m going to lose my job. I don’t see how I’ll get another one, pay my mortgage or support my family, thanks to that vote. That’s what it means to me to have the vote go against me. As far as I can tell the risk for you was that you might find yourself having your hedge cut by a person from Poland. So thanks for that.

Receptionist – The dentist will see you now.

That’s this mornings result, right there, in a 2 minute drama in the dentist’s waiting room.

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8 thoughts on “The morning after the night before

  1. You played your part as Scottish labour !! Why the crocodile tears now ! Better together wasn’t it ?

  2. Should have voted yes in the Independence referendum then eh?
    Never mind I’m sure you’ll be given the chance to correct that error soon enough.

  3. So what now?

    Remain camp: We are truly fucked.

    Leave camp: Fairies and Unicorns will return everywhere across the UK.

    Scotland Yes: We fucking told ye!

    Scotland No: Eh is it too late to change our minds?

  4. I dont know if you are a member of the Labour Party Ewan, that might skew your opinion to my next questions; but why do you think Labour’s old heartlands in England and Wales voted to Leave and who do you blame for the rejection of The Party line?

  5. Evan life is a roller coaster ups and downs it usually evens itself out so you should by the law of averages get your fair share of the ups snd downs. As for the economy in freefall I think that is a bit of an over exaggeration reminiscent of a drama Queen maybe you should consider a career change to becoming an actor that could be a good move for you so look on the bright side and be positive. Auditions are taking place in Glasgow for Brexit the movie directed by Boris Johnson and produced by Nigel Farage and funded by the European Union coming to cinema near you soon. On another note I watched a movie the other night called the Stepford Wives it reminded my of the SNP Daleks maybe it’s something in the water.

  6. You can afford to go to a dentist.
    Must be Labour Aristocracy.

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