Elizabeth-Anne Callaghan says the Tory cuts to child tax credits are bad enough, but the so-called “rape clause” is an abhorrence rightly opposed by people from across the political spectrum.


‘Support for a child conceived without your consent, including rape or while you were in a coercive or controlling relationship form’

You would be forgiven for thinking the above 8 page form was the work of a South Korean or communist China government. It’s the work of the UK Tory government. It is their “rape clause”.

The applicant has to sign the declaration – I believe the non-consensual conception exemption applies to my child.

Then print your child’s name.

Rape happens in marriage, in controlling relationships, to young teenage girls and in most cases, the rapist is known to the victim. Its a horrific act of violence that can leave years of emotional scars. The UK has one of the lowest conviction rates in Europe.

Last week more brutal welfare reform came into place, along with 18-21 year-olds no longer being entitled to Housing Benefit (which will no doubt see a rise in rough sleeping amongst youngsters), the ‘family cap’ came into effect. Any family which has a third or subsequent child born after April 2017 will not qualify for Child Tax Credit. This will also apply to families claiming Universal Credit for the first time after April 2017.

SNP MP Alison Thewliss has led a cross-party campaign to raise awareness of the rape clause and protest against this abomination, along with Woman’s Aid, Rape Crisis and other third sector organisations. However, the Tory government arrogantly pressed ahead.

The two-child cap is horrendous enough as this will no doubt have a devastating effect on child poverty levels, but to subject a victim of rape to such cruelty, it makes the UK Tory government no better than savages.

Ruth Davidson made a dire and pathetic attempt to defend her Westminster Tory colleagues when she said the rape clause was “the most sensitive way possible”. I’d hate to think what Ruth Davidson would consider insensitive.

In the next few weeks we will see Ruth Davidson’s Tories make a callous play to increase the number of councillors they have under the pretence they will protect the Union. The fact is they cannot protect Britain’s most vulnerable, never mind a union of nations. They have seen rise in food banks, are destroying the NHS, seen wages freeze, been hypocrites over Brexit and now their rape clause adds further insult to injury. If any party has the capability to destroy the UK, the Tory Party is number one.

The rape clause and the two-child cap shames Britain and I hope the cross-party protest brings a rapid end to this. But I fear the Tories will prioritise saving face above all else.

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14 thoughts on “The Tory rape clause shames Britain

  1. Lucky for us all that Elizabeth-Anne has nothing to do with Trumps Carrier Task force heading to the Korean peninsular , seeing she doesn’t knew her North from her South.

    As for being in a “coercive or controlling relationship”—that is exactly what Scotland is in.
    But its what Scottish Labour want for Scotland. Even if it means eternal Tory rule.
    So if the Tories want to pass obnoxious, callous, socially devastating, abominable legislation aimed at the poorest and most vulnerable in society, we know one thing.
    Scottish Labour have their back!
    And, as Kezia says; no indyref2 for Scots: NO MATTER WHAT!

    1. Gavin her family cap is relevant to South Korea, as well as other places but I didn’t list them all. The rape clause is a UK wide policy & your first thought isn’t for the victims, it’s for Indy. I’m sorry, but I don’t understand that train of thought.

  2. Labour can take a lot of credit for the fact that the Tories are able to impose this vile legislation onto Scotland.

    This is still a price Labour in Scotland is more than willing to pay in order to keep us within this worthless corrupt criminally run disunion of fascist ideals.

    1. This piece of legislation should see folk genuinely concerned about it showing solidarity across the UK.

      When did we become so increasingly insular ?

    1. Its a denial of responsibility and accountability. We can thank Labour for its efforts in ensuring Westminster Tories can continue to impose unwanted vile legislation on Scotland and we can thank the SNP for the fact that they cant do it via Hollyrood as well.

    2. JimBob finds it an extremely well argued piece of writing and I have made my view of this disgraceful bit of legislation clear elsewhere. What concerns me is Gavin’s obsession with seeing everything through the prism of nationalism rather than the real issue of an attack on vulnerable women by the Tories to save peanuts. Sad really

  3. Gavin & Mike – do you cut & paste the same comments to every article on Labour Hame? It gets a bit tiresome after a while. You could comment on the content of the article, which doesn’t actually mention the Labour Party at all. But I suppose that would involve engaging in rational debate, never a cybernat strong point.

  4. Is this the ‘pooling and sharing of resources’ that the uk’s ‘broad shoulders’ amounts to?

  5. We’ll said. Good to see LabourHame attacking the real enemy of Scotland’s people. More articles like this and similar thinking within Labour might yet turn around their fortunes

  6. The ‘Rape Clause’ from a Westminster government with a single MP in Scotland.

    Is this some of the ‘Union Dividend’ that Unionists keep telling us about?

  7. I’m delighted to see Scottish Labour working with the SNP to oppose this and I think that Kezia Dugdale’s Daily Record article was spot on and it was great to see her giving credit to Alison Thewliss.

    I hope we see much more of Scottish Labour working with the SNP against the Tories on this and other issues.

  8. Elizabeth-Anne, there is a simple way out of Tory mis-rule. Why does the Party leadership fight for continuer Tory rule in the failed entitity called Britain?

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