AsFB_IMG_1441824267391 the Queen officially opens the Borders Railway today, Scottish Labour Transport spokesperson, David Stewart MSP looks back at how the foundations were laid.


The opening of the new Borders Railway is great news and will provide a vital transport link for the Borders with the rest of Scotland.

These are the first trains running to the borders for over 40 years. It’s a historic moment for the South of Scotland.

What’s more, the railway will be a boost for our economy, creating 36 jobs in the area. Everyone living along the length of the line will feel the benefits of this service.

It was the last Labour-led Scottish Government which laid the foundations for the Borders Railway.

Sarah Boyack MSP, who was the first Transport Minister in the Scottish Executive, kept the Borders Railway on the list of railway projects, along with the successfully delivered Larkhall to Milngavie, Stirling to Alloa and Airdrie to Bathgate lines.

That’s because in Labour we recognise the benefits of better public transport. Benefits to our economy, to our environment and most importantly of all to our people.

It was the last Labour-led government which passed the Waverley Railway (Scotland) Act 2006.

This legislation paved the way for the construction of the Borders Railway.

So Labour welcomes the opening today, proud in the knowledge that we laid the foundations in government.

It also shows that the big moments for Scotland don’t happen overnight, and shows how important long term planning in government is. We are moving towards a greener economy because of legislation passed nearly a decade ago.

Our vision for the next step in Scotland’s railways is a People’s ScotRail, where trains are are run for the public, rather than for profit.

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3 thoughts on “Welcoming the Borders Railway

  1. Well done Labour for laying the foundations and give credit where credit is due to the SNP well done to the SNP for actually securing the investment getting the job done by managing the building of the railway. And well well done to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon SNP for paying a lovey tribute to the Queen, and an astute move by Nicola to say that the Queen will still be the Queen of Scots when Scotland becomes an Independent Country well done Nicola and well done SNP.

  2. Great to see it finally opened.
    Pity the Glasgow Airport link was never followed through after all the money that was spent.

  3. Labour needs to commit to a vision of re-opening new lines and re-opening stations on existing lines. The success of the Borders Railway shows that more is needed. We can start by committing to extending it to Hawick (as it should have been in the first place). Dealing with the communities that are the most remote from a railway station now the Borders Railway is open (Peterhead and Fraserburgh) and lines such as Levenmouth will show that we stand for all of Scotland, not just the Central Belt.

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