Recent events have confirmed that the Left were right, and the Right were wrong, claims NEIL FINDLAY


The latest scandals involving News International are yet another example of how those on the Left of the Labour Party have once again called it right.

For decades socialists in the party have warned against courting Murdoch and his ilk. They warned against single companies owning large sections of the press and the wider media and against turning a blind eye to dodgy practices. Similarly, socialists warned against joining the euro and that it would end in disaster (see Greece, Ireland, Portugal etc).

Socialists appealed to Tony Blair et al not to go to war in Iraq as it would cost thousands of lives (and billions of pounds) and would not solve a thing.

They warned against an over-reliance on financial services and the lack of regulation in the market. Socialists campaigned for a living wage and improved workers’ rights to protect jobs; for progressive taxation to create opportunities for our young people and argued that there is no place for the private sector vultures in the provision of our public services – the Southern cross scandal all too clearly highlights this danger.

In all of these major policy areas and more we were told that the views of socialists were extreme, out of touch, and in need of ‘modernisation’’. Yet in each and every one them the Left has taken the correct point of view. Maybe, just maybe, there are lessons that the party and the leadership can learn from these events. From now on in the views and talents of the whole party should be sought, and respected; and serious, committed people should be listened to and not dismissed so readily in future.

Neil Findlay is Labour MSP for Lothians.

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3 thoughts on “Why is the Left right once again?

  1. I agree with almost all of the above (although I’m not so sure staying out of the Euro was a Socialist policy)

    This country would be a far better place if we’d have 13 years of Socialist govt instead of New Labour.

  2. When the Euro was introduced it stood at €1.57 to £1.Today it’s at €1.08. One reason we didn’t join was as a sop to the banks bleating that their profits would fall. I would argue the main reason some Eurozone countries are in trouble is due to their inability to print shedloads of money – I would also argue that is a good thing as our own quantative easing will come back to haunt us.
    How convenient to castigate the Eurozone when our own economy is in a worse shape than most of theirs are. Perhaps the main reason we are not yet classed as ‘junk’ is because we’re next on the list.
    Or might it be because Scotland’s oil and gas reserves give us better collateral? Either way, I do wonder if the Nats have a point. what benefit to me or ‘Scottish Labour’ from the Union? I am struggling to think of the benefit nowadays.

  3. Yes the left were right! They appealed!
    What did they do?
    The odd resignation.
    A weak leadership challenge

    We sold our values to keep office.

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