Labour-Hame-masthead3What would you like to ask Sarah Boyack, Neil Findlay or Jim Murphy? What’s your question for Katy Clark or Kezia Dugdale? Here’s your chance to ask it.

Over the coming weeks, Labour Hame will be spending an hour with each of the candidates in the leadership and deputy leadership elections, asking the questions YOU have posed.

And we’ll be doing it live.

Send your questions to, tweet us at @LabourHame with the hashtag #LHLiveQandA, or use the comment box below. Your question can be for all the candidates, or just for one in particular.

We’ll be announcing the dates and times of each Q & A session soon. Get your questions in now!

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4 thoughts on “Your chance to quiz the candidates: #LHLiveQandA

  1. The SNP’s record on Scottish Education is shambolic to say the least with the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, new Qualifications , a complete disregard of teacher workload and a derisory 1% pay rise over 4 years shared with other public sector workers ( a Wage Freeze if not in name but in reality). Yes I am a secondary teacher and could go on at length about this but to be brief would like to ask all candidates what their plans are to galvanise Scottish Education?

  2. Question to all the candidates.
    “Do you support the establishment of a fully autonomous independent Scottish Labour party”?

  3. Question to all the candidates.
    “Do you support the renewal of the trident nuclear weapons system”?

  4. On 27 October 2014 Labour Hame published an article by Prof. Trevor Davis, titled ‘Labour first, Scottish second’.
    Question to all the candidates.
    “Do you agree with this statement”?

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