Baillie: NHS is being pushed to “breaking point”

Jackie Baillie MSP 2Commenting on the latest Royal College of Nursing Scotland members’ survey which shows substantial pressure on hospital beds, Scottish Labour’s Jackie Baillie MSP, said:

“This latest survey reinforces everything we’ve been saying for the past year and more.

“We can’t keep asking our hard-pressed nurses to do more and more with fewer resources. We’ve lost almost 2,000 nurses, piling on the pressure on staff. With almost 1,500 fewer hospital beds, the capacity of the health service to cope especially in winter, is being pushed to breaking point.

“We simply can’t go on like this. The SNP need to stop the spin and accept that our health service is failing to cope with demand. We’re experiencing complaints going through the roof, record waits in A&E and care standards suffering.

“Alex Neil was meant to be clearing up Nicola Sturgeon’s mess. Instead, he’s simply trying to minimise the harm to the SNP from the damage to the NHS he’s presiding over. As we approach the NHS’ 65th birthday, it’s clear that you can’t trust the SNP with our NHS.”


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