Anas Sarwar MP launches the 2014 Truth Team

Scottish Labour Party Deputy Leader Anas Sarwar MP has launched Scottish Labour’s 2014 Truth Team.  Here is what Anas had to say:

“Together, we’re about to make a monumental decision – one that will last forever.

You deserve the facts before you make your choice in 2014, and right now the SNP is letting you down. From misinformation to outright dishonesty, they’re willing to say whatever it takes to get your vote.

To bring you the truth, we’ve just launched our 2014truthteam – a group dedicated to cutting through the noise and delivering you the facts on independence.

Watch this video and join us now to help spread the truth about independence before polling day.

Scotland’s decision will affect our families, communities and country for generations to come. You can do your bit to ensure this historic decision, whatever the result, is one you can have faith in, one Scotland can be proud of.

With the SNP’s rhetoric on everything from the pound to EU membership, it’s hard to tell fact from fiction – and that’s why we’re here.”

Follow Anas on Twitter: @AnasSarwar 

Follow the 2014 Truth Team on Twitter: @2014TruthTeam

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