Bring forward National Care Standards in the New Year – Marra

Scottish Labour’s Equality spokesperson Jenny Marra has called for the SNP Government to stop ‘dragging their heels’ and bring forward new National Care Standards in the New Year.

Current national care standards are in place to ensure that people who use health and social care services receive the highest quality care, however the standards are now thirteen years old.

In 2011 the Scottish Parliament Health Committee recommended that the standards be reviewed, but it took the SNP two years to heed this call and the standards are still under review.

It is expected that new standards won’t be rolled out until 2017 – five years and a full parliamentary term after the Health Committee made their recommendations.

Scottish Labour Equality spokesperson Jenny Marra said:

“Social care has moved on light years since the care standards were published 13 years ago.

After nearly a decade in government and with a majority in parliament there is no excuse for the SNP Government to not have updated care standards sooner.

The SNP say that social care is one of their highest priorities but despite being told to do so, they have delayed and delayed publishing new modern standards for social care that our citizens should expect.

Now more than ever we need a health service ready to face the challenges of the coming decades, with staff given the support, resources and guidance to give the best possible quality of care to patients.

These standards should be published as soon as possible in the New Year.”

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