Dugdale comments on General Election announcement

Commenting on the announcement of a General Election, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“This country faces a significant and historic choice as we approach the UK leaving the EU.

At the last election in 2015 we said this would be a clear choice between a destructive Tory Party and a better future with Labour. Since then we have seen the dangers of a Tory government.

At this election, the choice again will be clear: a Tory Party intent on a hard and damaging Brexit; or a Labour Party that will oppose a second independence referendum and fight for a better future for everybody.

The Labour Party is ready and has been preparing for a General Election. We will start the process of selecting our candidates this afternoon.

We will work tirelessly to elect Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister and deliver a Labour Government.”

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10 thoughts on “Dugdale comments on General Election announcement

  1. In 2015 people couldn’t see a difference between voting Blue Tory or Red Tory. Still not seeing any difference.

  2. “The Labour party is ready and has been preparing for a general election”. Really?
    Get REAL! Labour is in a disasterous situation, split over policy, leadership, personnel and way down in the polls. The media hate you.

    I will be voting for a self governing Scotland. Join EFTA and approach the EU with a view to joining, if the correct terms for Scotland can be negotiated.
    We are now aware of “our place” in the UK. It is one without genuine power, with no sovereignty and where our legitimate views can be overruled by Westminster with the stroke of a pen. That is not an equal partnership. It is not a fair Union.
    It is a situation where, as the Professors Crawford and Boyle gloatingly explained, Scotland was “extinguished” at the Act of Union while England became “greater”.
    You can live on your knees under the Tories for the next decade or two, but that’s not for me, I’m afraid.

  3. “We will work tirelessly to elect Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister and deliver a Labour Government.”

    Dugdale deserves a medal for saying that with a straight face.

  4. Are Labour going to fight this GE with the same manifesto they lost with under Miliband?

    1. The manifesto is one thing.

      Candidates are another entirely. “Under emergency measures, all Labour MPs who wish to carry on will be readopted and unsuccessful candidates from the 2015 election will be asked to seek selection again in England, with one party source saying a third had agreed, a third were considering it and a third refused. The Scottish and Welsh Labour parties will run their own selection procedures.”

      Will Scottish Labour also be offering first refusal to unsuccessful 2015 candidates?

      1. I thinks, as you say, candidates are one thing but I think Slab will also be suffering a severe lack of ground troops to deliver their message. There will be no ‘bussing in’ of foot soldiers this time as they’ll all be busy trying to save middle England.

  5. Hmm a Tory Hard BrExit or Labour mumble mumble BrExit. Any chance LAbour could make it clear what their stance on BrExit is?

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