EU referendum date is set: 23rd June

The Prime Minister has announced that the EU referendum will be held on 23rd June.

Scottish Labour Leader Kezia Dugdale said:

“The best way to address the major challenges we face – climate change, the threat of terrorism, the migration crisis and global economic problems – is by being part of the wider European Union.

There is a strong socialist case for staying in the EU. Working in solidarity with the other nations of the EU secures vital rights for workers and greater opportunities for our young people. We should celebrate and build on that, not walk away from it.

Now that the Prime Minister has agreed his package of reforms and a date has been set for the referendum, those of us who back staying in the EU must get on and make the positive case for that. We must put process arguments about any deal or date behind us.

Labour is Scotland’s internationalist party. We believe working in solidarity with other nations makes us stronger. We will be enthusiastic leaders of this campaign.”

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11 thoughts on “EU referendum date is set: 23rd June

  1. “Labour is Scotland’s internationalist party.”

    Ah that will explain the warmongering and support for WMDs. Labours gift to the International community. Not sure where they are on immigration. I suppose the best bet would be to presume its the exact opposite of the SNPs.

  2. YES, Scotland should be a part of the EU, but as an equal partner, working with other small nations to best further the needs of our people.
    It seems more and more likely that the UK is fated to have a right wing government, for as far ahead as can be reasonably predicted.
    Labour, at a time when the Tories should be at their most unpopular, are an average 10% behind in the polls–Labour are split on ideology and the Tories are intent on making it difficult for Labour to compete on funding. The Tories also appear to have hi-jacked the BBC to add to their press advantage.

    Its time for Scotland to re-join the world, not hide-away in our little cul-de-sac, pretending we can make a better world with the “huge new powers over income tax” ( that in reality are little different from the old 3%tax varying powers we had, that no one used)——powers that means zilch in the real economic world.
    Scotland badly needs economic growth, new companies, hi tech industry—you don’t get that with raising/lowering income tax by a penny.

  3. “We believe working in solidarity with other nations makes us stronger.”

    Hows that working out in Iraq Afghanistan Libya and Syria these days?

    That’s the UK being on its best historical Internationalist behaviour.

    Yes indeed this UKOK “Better Together” concept seems to work globally as well as domestically.

    Making friends wherever they invade and conquer.

  4. “We believe working in solidarity with other nations makes us stronger”, BOLD WORDS.

    PS, this ofcourse does not include Scotland, as making Scotland stronger would be bad for our labour party.

  5. I wonder whom Kez would prefer to run Scotland’s economy and affairs?
    Boris or Cameron?
    Because that is the choice that Scotland faces in both the short and long term.

    I see that Welsh Labour are to distance themselves from Corbyn/London Labour, as he/they are considered a “negative”.

    By the way, is Boris now a “separatist” or a “narrow nationalist” ?
    These terms of abuse appear to be only for Scots.

      1. Funny. I don’t see those terms of abuse used anywhere in the mainstream media covering the EU referendum story.

        Unlike in Scotland, where every “journalist” and every British Nationalist politician used them to categorise those who believed Scotland should be a self governing country. Presumably that would have included Keir Hardie .
        Sadly, it was the abuse de jure on BBC Scotland and Radio Scotland for years.

          1. Even the BBC was forced to regard these terms as derogatory and abusive, and dropped them for the duration of the Scottish referendum, though other media did not.
            You “grow up” !

          2. YES- THEY- ARE !
            Otherwise they would be common currency in the present debate on the EU.
            But, no. They are reserved only for Scots and Scotland.

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