EVEL is among us

The UK Government’s plan for English Votes for English Laws was passed last night. Both Labour and the SNP spoke and voted against the measure. Labour has opposed it on principle from the start, while the SNP initially said it was an “inconsequential issue”, but have recently decided it’s a good opportunity for grievance hunting.

Commenting on last night’s Commons vote, Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray MP said:

“Today, the Government have put a wrecking ball through the constitution with a measure that will only serve to weaken our democracy. For the first time there will now be two tiers of MPs, and unelected members of the House of Lords will have more power than some elected MPs. Today is yet more evidence that David Cameron is governing in the interests of his rebel backbenchers and not the country as a whole.

People across the country feel distant and alienated from the political process. Instead of this useless measure, David Cameron should be working to restore faith in our politics and our democracy.”

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9 thoughts on “EVEL is among us

    1. So rather than deal with the actual issue of EVEL you attack an opponent of EVEL over his views on the subject and call it hypocrisy.

      Staggering. You completely ignore the fact that EVEL is much more than just separating the voting between the constituent parts of the UK and that the joint Parliament of the UK of GB has now effectively become the Devolved Parliament of England while still retaining its overall authority over the other devolved Administrations.

      Had Cameron formed a separate English Parliament to allow English only MPs to operate and vote selectively on English only issues we would have a close to federal system and a decent attempt to answer the West Lothian question but he took the Joint UK Parliament and made it officially the Parliament of England constitutionally turning the UK of GB into Greater Englandershire!

      You do realise that no Scottish Welsh or Irish party leader can now effectively ever be a PM within the Westminster parliament? And you wonder what the SNP are fighting hard about?

      Its like people within the SNP have always said. Labour in Scotland would rather see a Tory Government rule from London than an Independent Labour Government rule from Edinburgh.

      1. Once again Mike, you talk as if the SNP had always opposed this – the answer to that is in the link in the article – and you talk as if Labour hadn’t opposed it – in fact Labour has opposed it from the start. You’re just bleating “Laaabour Baaad” here. It’s pathetic. How about, for once, saying “I agree with Labour on this issue”?

        1. No Duncan once again you go into full out bare face lying mode. You cant show any examples where the SNP ever supported EVEL.

          Labour has never opposed EVEL because Labour is the party of Devolution. Or so you and other Labour acolytes keep reminding us.
          So if you are the party of Devolution then by default you are the party of EVEL as well as SVSL and WVWL and IVIL all within the context of the joint Parliamentary union.

          What on earth do you think the consequences of Devolution is?
          Labour Devolution created the West Lothian question further devolution inevitably creates EVEL etc.

          That’s Devolution within the constitutional constraints of the UK.

          And you voted No in the referendum in full support of it as did everybody else who voted and supported the No vote!

          This is what it means to be “Better Together”

  1. England has every right to restrict votes on English only legislation to English elected MPs. That is called democracy. Scots reject English interference in Scottish affairs WHY should the English allow Scots to interfere in English matters? England has been abused, her democracy immasculated qnd her nationhood dismissed by self interested politicians, the left paranoid at losing power and control, the right blind to the needs of England losing sight of England in a Britain that doesnt exiist.

    England has a right to self determination, a right to be a nation, a right to democracy worth the name and a right not to have unelected MPS From other countries voting on English matters, only antidemocrats would put up with this outrageous abuse against the English

    1. Yes but within their own devolved Parliament they had no right to take over the Joint Parliament of the UK of GB and make it there own.

      If the English don’t want to work in joint union partnership with the rUK then they can vote to be Independent. Let them call an Independence referendum.

    2. Only Anti democrats would support the concept of a second unelected house of patronage and privilege.

  2. How many titles and powers do you want to give yourself, The UK Parliament has just ensured Tory power over just about anything it likes for however long it likes and whichever country it likes
    Make no mistake Labour, you’re too slow and not quick witted enough for this battle, embrace the SNP and join the fight, if you don’t it’s over in Scotland possibly just like the Tories forever

    Labour can’t keep shouting the same nonsense hoping for a different result, Murphy tried and failed, repeat it and you’re gone
    Polls don’t lie by much, and Labour in Scotlands poll ratings, well,you don’t have to be Prof Curtice now do you

    For what it’s worth I don’t relish your total demise but if you don’t recognise the need to join with the SNP and agree with Independence You’ll be sitting in Ruth Davidsons section after the May elections, and then just like Buzz Lightyear on to Oblivion (not infinity or beyond)

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