Gordon Brown keynotes Scottish Fabian Conference on 16 June

Gordon will be joined by speakers from across the left, including: Lesley Laird MP (Shadow Scottish secretary), Ian Murray MP, Daniel Johnson MSP, Catherine Stihler MEP and many more.

This full day conference will be a fantastic opportunity for Fabian members and Labour activists to discuss pressing policy issues, network and debate the future of the left.

Get your tickets now to guarantee your place at the conference.

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8 thoughts on “Gordon Brown keynotes Scottish Fabian Conference on 16 June

  1. I suppose one “pressing policy issue” could be supporting ‘Scottish Independence’.

  2. Scottish Independence Davy we can vote on that in the future .
    Will the SNP conference debate jobs and mergers Decisions affecting Scotland and the UK are being taken in the USA China India and Australia .Homebase sold for 1pound Mothercare and Poundland in trouble The building industry in Scotland firms going out of business .
    Brexit is now job losses are now NHS is now .
    The entire 2 day conference should be on that nothing else .
    If they don’t SNP members should make them .
    The National which I buy did not carry any coverage of the TUC march in London the weekend after the AOB Glasgow march .The TUC march was to defend jobs all over the UK .
    That entire weekend was dedicated to jobs .Not one word in the National the editor agreed it should have been in the paper.
    It was not the reason the National readership are only interested in marches held in Scotland .
    And the Glasgow AOB march was the event of the year .
    The National is boasting that they will be at the conference .
    Maybe someone will point out to them losing your job will be the big event of the year .

  3. Thanks for the comment Davy
    Point taken .Watched 2 documentaries last night .No 1 the Argentina football Ally Macloud came across as a very decent nice man
    No 2 Grenfell the first 24 hrs Survivors Firemen Medical staff heroes all of them as are the people who lost there lives .
    Now at the inquiry from what I see pass the buck.

  4. Gordon and Nicola
    House of Fraser Poundworld Mothercare all in trouble thousands of jobs at risk this is now whats the plan I name you 2 because you have conferences coming up .
    PM what are you doing as well and we have to deal with online Shopping and banking

    1. David , when are you going to learn ? neither labour or tory are going to do anything for Scotland or the ordinary person throughout the UK. Their priority is to get into power in Westminster, nought else, keeping their snouts in the trough is the name of the game.

      PS, have you noticed this forum is dying a death.

  5. Thanks for your comment Davy
    I read the National because I like to see what people with an opposing view to mine
    I emailed them to say what a great turnout the AOB march got in Glasgow at least 36thousand . I also asked why the TUC Labour march which also had thousands on it marching for jobs the following Sunday and that included for Scottish jobs was not front page news .
    Not printed but to my surprise I got an email from the editor .He agreed it should have been in the paper it was not because his readers are only interested in marches in Scotland .And for them the AOB march was the event of the year .
    I replied losing your job will be the event of the year no reply
    I should point out the London march was the culmination of a weekend of Labour TUC events to fight for jobs K wide . Very little publicity .
    Another thing we all have to deal with is America first Trump has just been on TV saying we have to stop treating America like a piggy bank .America First is not paying for us anymore .
    The blogs don’t know why people are not blogging .I think its the only one where you can .
    The commenters just check the National e mail page they are there calling people English settlers with a vote here

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